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The reason we are not already in hell… PowerPoint Presentation
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The reason we are not already in hell…

The reason we are not already in hell…

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The reason we are not already in hell…

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  1. The reason we are not already in hell… Great Grace

  2. The reason we are not already in heaven… Great Commission

  3. The Commissioned Church Commissioned to Equip Jerusalem Acts 2:39-47 Commissioned to Send Antioch Acts 13:1-5 Commissioned to Sustain Philippi Phil 4:14-19

  4. Key Scriptures Equip Matt 28:18-20 make disciples 2 Tim 2:2-7 disciple-makers Eph 4:11-6 equip the saints

  5. Key Scriptures Equip Matt 28:18-20 make disciples Define a disciple

  6. Key Scriptures Equip Eph 4:11-6 equip the saints Define an equipped saint & what they are equipped for.

  7. Key Scriptures Equip 2 Tim 2:2-7 faithful menWhat ministry processes are you using to train them?

  8. We must regain the New Testament pattern of Local ChurchEquipping, Sending and Sustaininga new generation of cross-cultural disciple-making church plantersDrafted, Disciplined and Deployed

  9. The Commissioned Church Equipping Jerusalem Sending Antioch Sustaining Philippi

  10. Knowing who we are The Commissioned Church

  11. Knowing where we are The Church on Earth

  12. REVELATION The church in heaven on it’s face

  13. ACTS The church on earth on it’s feet

  14. Knowing where we are Earth Playground or Battleground

  15. Knowing why we are

  16. Knowing why we are To reach this generation with the gospel and train the next to do the same

  17. Reach and Equip Reaching this generation Equipping the next

  18. How do you measure effective equipping? EquippingJerusalem Church Acts 2:39-47 The pattern Acts 8:1-4 The proof

  19. How do you measure effective equipping? EquippingJerusalem Church Acts 6:7 disciples… multiplied Acts 8:1 all scattered… Acts 9:31 churches… multiplied Acts 12:24 word… multiplied

  20. Acts 2:41-47 Blueprint for Ministry Evangelism… evangelizing the lost Gathering… baptized, continued steadfastly Instruction… instruction in the Word Worship… breaking of bread, prayers Connection… shared meals & needs Reproduction… added daily

  21. Acts 3-28Growing & Going Testing persecution Acts 3,4,7,8Training conflict & creativity Acts 5,6 Church Planting MovementJudea, Samaria, Cyprus, Antioch Acts 8,10,11-13Missions MovementGalatia, Asia, Macedonia, Rome Acts 13-28

  22. Equipping is… Training them to excel here and now in what you are sending them to do there and then

  23. 4 ChurchPlanter Church Leader 3 DiscipleMaker 2 Disciple 1 Four Levels of disciple-making

  24. 4 ChurchPlanter Church Leader 3 DiscipleMaker 2 Disciple 1 Evaluate your congregation

  25. Four areas to equip Worship knowing GodMaturity in godly relationship skillsEvangelism active and effectiveStewardship developing & using gifts Grade your present practices

  26. The Jesus Model Come and see Jn 1:39Follow Me Mk 1:17Abide in Me Jn 15:4-8 Go make disciples Mt 28:19

  27. The Jesus Model Mark 3:14“And He ordained twelve, that they might bewith him, and that He might send them”

  28. The Jesus Model Not mass produced 11 Leaders; 120 followersTransformation, not just informationLife-on-life influence over timeLife in tandem

  29. Disciple making Defined An intentional, intimate relationshipto initiate life-changethrough instruction, correction,participation, and direction;resulting in well-grounded, self-disciplined, fruitfulfollowers of Jesus Christ

  30. The Timothy Model 2 Timothy 2:2“the things…. commit… to faithful men” Who are your “Timothys”?

  31. Disciple-makers Road-map 2 Tim 2:1-7 Occupation Principle Focus Investor Selection Deposit Careful Investors depositing for a return Soldier Suffering Battle Single minded warriors suffering to win a war Athlete Self Discipline Race Self disciplined athletes honestly winning a race Farmer Sacrifice Harvest Hard working laborers anticipating a harvest

  32. Disciple-makers Road-map 2 Tim 2:1-7 Occupation Principle Focus Investor Men Leave it Soldier Hardship Limit it Athlete Rules Live it Farmer Hard Work Love it

  33. 2 Tim 2:1-7 2 Tim 4:7-8 Timothy Principle Focus Paul Investor Selection Deposit Kept Who: protect the truth and invest it in gifted, godly leaders Soldier Suffering Battle Fought What: don’t divide your interests; endure in the battle Athlete Self Discipline Race Finished How: model the truth in constant self-discipline and integrity Farmer Sacrifice Harvest Laid up Why: you’ll share in the harvest as soon as its reaped

  34. The Timothy Model 2 Timothy 2:2things… message commit… method faithful men… men Who are your “Timothys”?

  35. “Doing the word in tandem”Not just another classTransformation vs. InformationRequires trusted relationshipsYears of investmentIt’s a life-long journey

  36. We must leave behind a generation of well trained, self disciplined, passionate, Christ-like, reproducing disciple makers moving out into all the worldLead with leaving in view!

  37. The Crucial Choice Who will you invest in?What is taking up most of your time?

  38. Disciple makers three roles TeacherTransmission of Truth Message Foundation 2 Tm 1:11; 2:2FatherTransformation of Life Model Application1:2; 2:1; 3:10 Love, Reproof, Correction CoachTransfer of Mission 2:1-26;4:1-5 Mission Participation Ministry Who have been this to you?

  39. Disciple makers four concerns Disciplines (Habits) Going Ahead Word, worship, witnessDoctrine (Beliefs) Growing Deep Belief causes behavior Maturity (Priorities) Growing Up Relationships, self discipline, integrity Ministry (Stewardship) Giving Out Develop & invest gifts, skills & resources

  40. Function versus Form Function: what we must doForm: how we can/should do it

  41. Function versus Form Function: “make disciples”Form: small groups, 1 on 1s, apprenticeships, TWTJ, Saturday seminars

  42. Disciple makers model You must make it…Repeatable – simple & transferableThorough – whole-life focusedContinual – life-long practice

  43. Disciple-making Models One-on-one model (2 men, 2 women) D-Group model (4 men or 4 women)Couple on couple model (2 on 2) Small group model (mixed, up to 8) and  of each model

  44. Time Frames Fall and Spring Groups (12 weeks each)October through May Groups (28 weeks)Year groups (40 weeks)

  45. Keep it simple Clear goals and specific processesCommitment and accountabilitySimplicity and do-abilityDrastic, progressive application to myself, family, church, world, time, resources, priorities

  46. Common pitfalls Too casual and non-challengingToo advanced for beginnersToo cerebral, impractical, non-directiveToo much crammed into the timeFailure to focus on word, worship, prayer and personal applicationLack of understanding & commitmentFailure to plan for levels with repeatability

  47. Focus on practice, not program D-groups are PART of a balanced ministryKeep disciple making core elements centralStay in the WORD AND PRAYERKeep it simple, practical, directiveFirst two years should remain constant for the sake of repeatabilityPrepare for advancing levels of leadersIncorporate new materials continuallyFacilitate witness continually

  48. Read the Word The discipline of daily reading & journalingPlan – time, place, procedureMethod – How to read, what to look forMeta-narrative of scripture