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Proprietary & Confidential. About Us. Don’t forget to hashtag us! #iCIMS. iCIMS’ Healthcare Expertise. Speakers. Scott Clatur Director, Talent Acquisitions. Susan Vitale Chief Strategic Officer. Why Track & Benchmark Metrics?. We want a seat at the table with executives

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About Us

Don’t forget to hashtag us! #iCIMS



Scott Clatur

Director, Talent Acquisitions

Susan Vitale

Chief Strategic Officer


Why Track & Benchmark Metrics?

  • We want a seat at the table with executives
  • Are we aligning our staffing and sourcing strategy to the hospitals Mission/Vision/Values?
  • Can we provide a cost justification/ROI analysis for our HR/staffing business initiatives?
  • Can we quantify HR/staffing ROI to the organization?
  • How can we generate a Management by Fact (MBF) or DATA?
  • Top Strategic Healthcare Initiatives
      • Reducing costs
      • Quality - Improving Patient Satisfaction & Patient Safety
      • 69% chose “streamlining HR processes” as the key HR initiative to cut costs

Aligned myself and partnered with LEAN Human Capital Group

LEAN delivers a radical approach to Analysis, Process Optimization,

and Continuous improvement for your organization.

  • “Metrics are meaningless. What you do with them is Priceless”. - David Szary

What is Expected of Our Function?


  • Filling positions “ASAP” or “yesterday”
  • Having pipelines of candidates ready to interview J.I.T
  • Finding “Purple Squirrels”
  • Upgrading quality of talent

Why it is our fault:

  • We don’t hold them accountable
  • Don’t quantify what we need to meet their needs
  • Don’t publish our results



  • Unique application process- we have several locations and folks filling out paper applications. ( sifting through paper)
  • High applicant volumes
  • Manage multiple hire types (hourly, management, administrative, internal transfers, etc.)
  • Duplication of work (same candidates apply at multiple locations/positions)
  • Being reactive vs. proactive (build pipelines of talent)
  • Keep in contact with prospective candidates (CRM)
  • Union compliance and contracts – posting periods
  • Recruiter alignment to customer and workloads vary
  • Inconsistent candidate experience – timeline & response

* An Applicant Tracking System makes it easier for recruiters and Hiring Managers to successfully execute these points


Person-Organization Fit

Understanding the Model for Recruitment

  • In order for GHVHS to move on the continuum toward best-in-class, we needed to blend a proactive recruiting culture that can streamline processes and infuse ATS automation into every staffing practice by looking to the future of innovation in recruiting that will set us apart and differentiate us from the competition and maximize synergies across the system.
  • A restructure of the recruitment organization, processes and technology was conducted to positively impact our talent selection strategies and to link talent selection initiatives to improved business outcomes like retention, cost and quality.

Where do we find an ATS that thinks and acts like a recruiter?

  • Thousands of hours are wasted on non-value added, non-revenue producing staffing activities
  • Incremental improvement in process efficiency exponentially reduces the resources required to achieve hiring objectives
  • Allows us to implement a J.I.T hiring solution with less resources and no impact to quality/ delivery of service

Benefits of a Recruitment Technology

  • Automation of Reports & Scheduling
  • Managing Process Flow (Time-Saver)
  • Candidate Experience
  • Onboarding
  • Why we chose iCIMS

Strategy for Critical Positions

Sourcing talent is the process to generate a pool of qualified candidates for a particular job. The organization must announce the job’s availability to the market and attract qualified candidates to apply. The organization may seek applicants from inside the organization, outside the organization, or both.

Talent selection is the process to make a “hire” or “no hire” decision about each applicant for a job. The process usually involves determining the characteristics required for effective job performance, interviewing, and then measuring applicants on those characteristics.




  • Sourcing is the biggest challenge for recruiters
  • Find new outlets to attract candidates
  • Locate talent pool by deploying our core search skills to identify prospective talent with the right combination of knowledge, skills, and abilities.
  • Constantly build candidate pipeline by tracking candidate resumes and contact history in a database.
  • Create a successful employment brand that helps create a positive candidate experience
  • What we need to do:
  • Improve productivity in the acquisition process
  • Report on source effectiveness? (which recruiting methods are working/lacking?)
  • Embrace social media? (post jobs via Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn)

Built A Business Case to Afford iCIMS

Why do organizations struggle to afford technology?

  • Use the unsophisticated metric - “requisitions-per-recruiter” as their resource planning tool
  • Emphasis on activity versus efficiency
  • Inability to educate Hiring Managers on the importance of a LEAN, J.I.T staffing function
  • Can’t present business case using the common language of business . . . $ and NUMBERS!

Why is Just-In-Time (J.I.T) Hiring Important?

  • Increase customer satisfaction and employee morale
  • Decrease in cost associated with turnover, OT, etc.
  • Cost of vacancy (especially with critical-to-fill positions)
  • Educate Hiring Managers/Key Executives on significance of COV
    • Helps engage Hiring Managers in process improvement initiatives
    • Helps hold them accountable to engaging in process
  • Quantify the ROI of eliminating waste, streamlining processes, etc.
  • Increase respect level from finance/executives!?
  • Justify resources (sourcing/recruiting) required to decrease TTF. Including the purchase of iCIMS

Aligning Annual Workforce Planning with Business Strategy

Management by Data – Case Study

  • Hiring Need: 646 hires/Annually
  • Production Schedule: Roughly 54/month - 2011 calendar

Staffing Supply Chain - Process Efficiency:

  • Recruiters route roughly 50% of candidates to hiring Managers.
  • Hiring managers interview 20% of the candidates submitted for consideration
  • 33% of the people interviewed would be extended an offer
  • 83% of the candidates receiving offers would actually start


    • Applicant to Hire 52:1
    • Route to hire – 20:1

Strategic Business Case

10% improvement in 3 steps of process

Interesting Observations:

1. Incremental improvement in process equals exponential savings in time, money, and resources.

2. Even if you increase sourcing time per candidate, increase in process efficiency will dramatically reduce overall sourcing time required to fill a given requisition load.

3. Measuring the efficiency of the process, not the quantity of activity, will provide better results with fixed amount of assets.


Justify Your Headcount with Real Data

*We are averaging 1.3 hours for on boarding. This helped build my business case to automate this process with an on boarding solution , allocate my dollars, and obtain approval to purchase iCIMS’ on boarding portal.


Quantifying Your ROI

Why a Management by Data/Fact – Summary

“Can’t manage what you don’t measure”

  • Ask customers to rate what is most important – Quality, Cost, Responsiveness/Delivery
  • Scorecard is used to benchmark against internal/external metrics to:
      • Quantify how well you are performing to key stakeholders
      • Identify areas for improvement and develop strategies for improvement
  • You should align recruitment organization’s initiatives with additional key business objectives of the Healthcare System
      • Reduce costs & improve patient safety and patient satisfaction!
  • Convert metrics from time, %, #’s into - - $$$ to great compelling business case and/or to quantify ROI
  • Make visible (using trend charts) to staff, key customers, etc.!!
  • Track, trend, and present meaningful metrics using the common language of executives - $ and numbers!

Cost of Vacancy-Usage/Significance

  • Educate Hiring Managers/Key Executives on significance of C.O.V
    • Helps engage Hiring Managers in process improvement initiatives
    • Helps hold them accountable to engaging in process
  • Quantify the ROI of eliminating waste, streamlining processes, etc.
  • Justify resources (sourcing/recruiting) required to decrease TTF
  • Increase respect level from finance/executives!?

Overview – Healthcare

  • Registered Nurse
  • # of hires/year: 27
  • Cost of Vacancy (provided by finance): $368/day.
  • Ave time to hire currently: 94 days.
  • Total Cost of Vacancy: $1.00M
  • Reduce time to hire by 22 days (72 days TTF).
  • 200K Cost of Vacancy Reduction

How much are you really spending on OT/Agency/PD?


LEAN Human Capital 2011

Healthcare Recruitment Metrics

Benchmark Study


Aggregate Data Information:

Aggregate Data Information:

  • 80+ participants with over 460,000 FTE employees!
  • Participants processed over 5 million applicants.
  • Routed over 850,000 candidates to Hiring Managers.
  • Filled over 123,000 positions.
    • 48% are academic/teaching facilities.
    • 52% of US News & World Report’s ‘BEST HOSPITALS Honor Roll’ participated in our study in 2010/2011.*
    • 30% of our 2010/2011 participants ranked by US News & World Report as ‘Honor roll’ in at least 1 of 16 specialties*
    • 22% are Magnet facilities.

*17 hospitals were named to US News & World Report’s ‘BEST HOSPITALS Honor Roll’ for ranking as honor roll in

at least 6 of 16 specialties

*140 out of 4825 hospitals ranked by US News & World Report as ‘Honor roll’ in at least 1 of 16 specialties


Product Features

  • Web-based system (Eliminate paper; no IT reliance)
  • Robust searching & reporting
  • It’s fast and easy to make changes within the system
  • Ability to grow with your company (scalable)
  • According to Gartner, Inc.
  • “Vendors should supply sufficient evidence that their platforms will scale to
  • meet your current peak and future application processing and user demands.”

Ease of Use

  • Intuitive features- feel comfortable using the software
  • Limited technology knowledge, limited training
  • Key Questions:
    • Client retention rate?
    • Customer case studies?
    • Awards for ease of use of their software?

Speed and Security

  • “Sensitive data & critical business information will be exposed to the provider, the provider should demonstrate a higher level of security and it should be constantly monitored”- Gartner, Inc.
  • System availability
  • Constant improvements and updates
  • Slow systems aren’t used

Customer Support

  • Experts should work directly with you to ensure:
      • Implementation
      • Timeliness
      • Overall satisfaction
  • Provide free training so the system is used!
  • Satisfaction ratings
  • Customer Support Awards?


  • Best price-to-ratio-value
  • Greatest ROI
  • According to Bersin & Associates, value should be measured by:

? Questions for Speakers ?

Scott Clatur

Director, Talent Acquisitions

Susan Vitale

Chief Strategic Officer


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