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Horizon/HIP Update SirsiDynix Symphony Update. 8 May 2008. Overall Horizon Product Strategy. Remove barriers to 7.4.1 and HIP 3.09 Packaging and testing of Web Reporter 1.5 French-Canadian packaging and beta test Deliver new and enhanced “Medley” products

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Horizon/HIP Update

SirsiDynix Symphony Update

8 May 2008

Overall horizon product strategy l.jpg
Overall Horizon Product Strategy

  • Remove barriers to 7.4.1 and HIP 3.09

    • Packaging and testing of Web Reporter 1.5

    • French-Canadian packaging and beta test

  • Deliver new and enhanced “Medley” products

    • Products which will work with Horizon and with SD Symphony

  • Deliver bug fixes and enhancements in 7.4.2 and HIP 3.10

  • Coding for Sybase 15 & MS SQL Server 2005 and test for certification and delivery in 2009 (w/7.4.3)

Horizon 7 4 1 l.jpg
Horizon 7.4.1

  • Release version supports both HIP 3.09 and HIP 4.13.

    • Allows all customers to upgrade.

  • Between Horizon 7.3.4 and 7.4.1 there are over 350 different bug fixes.

  • Between HIP 2.1 and HIP 3.09 there are 700 bug fixes.

  • Delivers French Canadian language support

  • Supports a new version of Web Reporter (1.5)

  • Tested and certified for

Circulation improvements for horizon 7 4 1 l.jpg
Circulation Improvements for Horizon 7.4.1

  • The ability to print new Waiver and Transit receipts

  • Pre-overdue notices

  • Significant updates to the ACS SIP2 client (ESIP Server)

  • The ability to track In Transit items

  • Updates to MARCIN, MARCOUT, BIMPORT utilities

  • Ability to print locally unique transaction id on payment receipts

  • Ability for staff to determine if expiration date should change when changing location or BTYPE

  • The ability to obscure certain borrower information on patron receipts such as “************0081” instead of whole barcode

  • The ability to automatically limit Borrower Search limit to specific groups of agencies

  • The Checkin Hold Fill Screen displays the true notice method (e-mail or print) and doesn’t just default to print

  • Fixed problem where the Pull list may fill wrong request if queue has been reordered

  • Fixed problem where Items were aged to lost prematurely if the final notice was delivered by TeleCirc

  • Damaged checkin on a transit request no longer corrupts data

Tech services improvements in horizon 7 4 1 l.jpg
Tech Services Improvements in Horizon 7.4.1

  • Budget Hierarchy Report, Percent Available displayed not a true percentage

  • Creating PO from Distribution pattern results in some line items being dropped.

  • Use of colon, plus sign, question mark, or single quotation mark (:, +, ?, ') in the Vendor Note can cause issues with the Edifact file being properly generated.

  • Edifact files with a question mark (?) as the last letter of the title can cause the Edifact processing to crash.

  • Creating a PO using a send-to from pac can result in an invalid ISBN being placed in the PO and make the order sent to the vendor via Edifact unusable.

  • Orders Created with 10 digit ISBN are not found when searching using a 13 digit ISBN

  • A dash ('-') in the 13 digit ISBN can cause verification in MARC Editor to fail.

  • An item barcode search using significant digits pulls up wrong item

  • The ability to print_format_block 'text' field to print for 'pickloc' field type

  • Applying a Horizon StaffPac Restriction may cause a "Database error: Incorrect syntax near the keyword”

Key improvements for hip 3 09 l.jpg
Key Improvements for HIP 3.09

  • The ability to connect to Horizon 7.4.1

  • Upgrade to Firebird version 2.03

    • Install is included for Windows (98 – XP), Linux, Solaris SPARC and Solaris X86

  • Upgrade to Jetty 4.2.19

    • Resolves many security issues that have been reported with version 4.2.9.

  • Multiple display fields that use the same fixed element and the first display field has no data, you will still display all the appropriate data.

  • Show authors in TOC for Bowker enriched data

  • Suspend_until date was not displaying in My Account -Items out

  • My List was not being cleared when the user logged out of HIP.

  • When you limit an ISBN exact match search you now get matches

  • Requests deleted via HIP can now be recorded separately from those deleted via Horizon

  • My List is not being cleared when the user logs out of HIP

  • Show authors in TOC for Enriched Content from Syndetic Solutions

  • Problems with displaying correct 'Suspend until' dates when changing the status of a local hold

Introducing the medley product suite l.jpg
Introducing the “Medley” Product Suite

  • Products which can be implemented in Horizon and also work with SD Symphony

    • Web Reporter statistical reporting

    • Enriched Content for public access

    • SirsiDynix “Enterprise” faceted search software

    • PocketCirc online and offline circulation and inventory

    • Telephone Messaging 3

    • Self-service circulation

    • Envisionware PC Management

    • SIP/NCIP Responder

Web reporter 1 5 l.jpg
Web Reporter 1.5

  • WR is a Medley Product works with Horizon and Symphony

  • WR 1.5 Requires Horizon 7.4.1 or greater

  • New Dashboard reports

  • MicroStrategy 8.1

  • Project merge availability

  • Over 180 modifications to metadata

  • Changes in the new project are documented and provided in the Release Notes

Enhanced enriched content l.jpg
Enhanced Enriched Content

  • Medley Product works with Horizon and Symphony

  • “Deluxe” package available from Bowker (Syndetic Solutions)

    • Fiction profiles

    • Find similar titles

    • Series list

    • Horn Reviews

    • Spanish language content

    • German language content

    • Video & music cover images

    • Video & music profiles (coming soon)

  • Standard and “Deluxe” package available with HIP 3.10 (Q3)

Sirsidynix enterprise 1 0 l.jpg
SirsiDynix Enterprise 1.0

  • Faceted Discovery/Delivery

  • Works with Horizon and Symphony

  • Supplements HIP (uses HIP for detail view)

  • Available with Horizon 7.3.2 and higher

  • Interface for auto-updates built into 7.4.2

  • Fuzzy search logic

  • Search index updated based on changes rather than complete nightly dump

  • Consortia support

  • Multilingual Support

  • Look and feel configuration (“themes” via css & javascript)

  • URL search (for in-bound searches)

  • Search widget (for use on other web pages)

  • “Did you mean” feature

Goals for enterprise 3 0 l.jpg
Goals for Enterprise 3.0

  • Integrate additional data sources

    • Federated Search

    • Library favorites

  • Pluggable component approach (not one-size-fits-all)

  • Guided Discovery option (simplified CM)

  • Web 2.0 Community features

    • RSS feeds

    • Tagging

    • User Reviews

    • Ratings

  • Third party interfaces

  • Visual Search

Pocketcirc l.jpg

  • Medley Product works with Horizon and Symphony

  • Software for online/offline circulation and inventory

  • Platform: Windows Mobile 5 (Touch screen) and above

  • Replaces Telxon & Percon (no longer available)

  • Communicates to server via SIP

    • Checkout/Checkin extensible to other SIP-based ILSs

    • Requires implementation of SIP server (not previously required)

  • Inventory Control

    • Identify items missing from inventory

    • Inventory requires proprietary hooks in SIP for real-time inventory

Pocketcirc checkout item l.jpg
PocketCirc Checkout Item

  • When checking out items you can set an alternate due date or use the due date set through policies

  • The item barcode and due date will display in the charge list

Pocketcirc checkin item l.jpg
PocketCirc Checkin Item

  • A Checked in item will display the item ID as well as routing


  • CKI can be backdated for book-drop items

  • When checking in items in online mode, the client will alert the operator if the item is on hold, has a lost status, needs to be sent to another library for shelving, etc.

Pocketcirc inventory l.jpg
PocketCirc Inventory

  • Can be used offline or online

  • Scan the barcodes

  • Real time inventory in online mode

  • Upload the files in offline mode

Ncip responder l.jpg
NCIP Responder

  • Medley Product works with Horizon and SD Symphony

    • Independent from HIP

    • Delivered with ACS software (same which supports SIP interface)

  • User-friendly configuration tool

  • Improved supportability

  • Improved and enhanced NCIP messages

    • Increases the number of supported messages from 7 to 14

    • Supports VDX and URSA

  • Improved (faster) performance by 10 - 20 fold

  • Compatible with 7.4.1 and above

Horizon hip next releases l.jpg
Horizon & HIP – Next Releases

  • HIP 3.10

    • Enhanced enriched content from Bowker

    • LDAP Authentication

    • Improved Boolean searching

      • Keyword search “Bud, Not Buddy” doesn’t choke on “not”

    • Stops borrower requests on shelved items

      • Based on IP of requester and on-shelf library

  • Horizon 7.4.2

    • 50 + bug fixes

    • PO is created with ISBN on Bib imported from vendor

    • Tight integration with “Enterprise” faceted search software

    • GA Targeted for July/Aug. 2008

Sybase 12 5 and ms sql 2000 eol l.jpg
Sybase 12.5 and MS SQL 2000 EOL

  • MSSQL 2000 EOL: April, 2008

    • Per incident support IS available through 2013

  • Sybase 12.5 EOL: December 2009

  • Sybase 15 and MS SQL Server 2005

    • Development work has begun, but put on hold in favor of delivering 7.4.2 features and Medley products

    • Scheduled to be finished with engineering Q4 2008

    • Testing required for all Horizon-related products

  • Test and release in 2009, most likely as 7.4.3

2008 deliverables for horizon libraries l.jpg
2008 Deliverables for Horizon Libraries

  • Web Reporter 1.5 – April 2008

  • Horizon 7.41/HIP 3.09 French-Canadian – May/June 2008

  • Enhanced NCIP Responder for Horizon – May/June 2008

  • New “Enterprise” faceted search for Horizon – Q3 2008

  • Horizon 7.4.2 and HIP 3.10 – Q3 2008

    • Enhanced Enriched Content

    • LDAP Authentication

    • Boolean search enhancements

  • PocketCirc available – Q4 2008 for 7.4.2

  • Support for Sybase 15 & MS SQL Server 2005 – Early 2009

Sirsidynix symphony release dates l.jpg
SirsiDynix Symphony release dates

  • SirsiDynix Symphony 3.2 released on time in December 2007

  • SirsiDynix Symphony 3.2.1 release on 28 May 2008

  • SirsiDynix Symphony 3.3 release in early 2009

Symphony version 3 2 l.jpg
Symphony Version 3.2

  • Staff efficiencies

    • Optional Web-based staff clients; geared to K-12

    • Support for taxes

    • Updates to Floating Collections

  • Improving services to end users

    • Support for proxy or “family” linked borrowers

      • Granular to protect privacy, privileges

    • Patron credits permit pre-pay for services offered by library

    • Ordered hold fills: Great for consortial situations

    • Delivery Service

      • Handle on home or on campus delivery via “books by mail”

      • Optional cost recovery

      • Controlled by library location, item type, and patron type

      • Staff and public interfaces

Key 3 2 1 features l.jpg
Key 3.2.1 Features

  • eCommerce links to Envisionware from e-Library OPAC, including pass through authentication (based on latest Envisionware release)

  • Updates to “expired borrower” rules based on Horizon/Dynix expectations – similar to updates in Horizon 7.4.1

  • Improvement of “modify due date” workflow (feedback from large Dynix site)

  • Support for Talking Tech “SIP2” interface

  • Improvements to Acquisitions workflows (feedback from large Dynix sites)

Key 3 2 1 features31 l.jpg
Key 3.2.1 Features

  • New options for capturing circulation statistics: when item type that indicates “multi-piece” item is used, operator may enter the piece count. That count will be reflected in the resulting circulations statistics. (Dynix, Horizon)

  • Updates to hold slip printing to promote staff efficiency for hold shelf retrieval, bookmobile support (large Dynix and other sites’ suggestions)

  • Updates to “policy hours” support in iBistro: promotes a “closed stacks” delivery that can be ordered via Consulting Services (Some Dynix and Horizon sites)

Key 3 2 1 features32 l.jpg
Key 3.2.1 Features

  • Updates to Floating Collections to make more consortia-friendly (capabilities now beyond what is supported in Horizon)

  • Updates to Z39.50 server to improve consortial support: search limiting by library group/associated, controlled return of holdings data

  • Support for Classified Accountability in Java Client

    • Accountability is a SirsiDynix Symphony feature that can limit search and circulation access to particular bibliographic and/or item records to patrons with specified levels of classification (e.g., need to know), etc. Primarily used in corporate and government libraries; this feature does not exist in Horizon or Dynix.

Key 3 2 1 features33 l.jpg
Key 3.2.1 Features

  • Support for entering only ‘meaningful’ characters of barcodes (Horizon/Dynix capabilities)

  • Option to have barcode check digit calculated on request

  • New capability for sites using the “auto-ID” process to have the system based the assigned IDs on the barcode format in use at site

  • Support for WebReporter

Basics of the sirsidynix symphony 3 3 roadmap l.jpg
Basics of the SirsiDynix Symphony 3.3 Roadmap

  • Support for VIP in Acquisitions

  • Greatly expanded UNIMARC support

  • StaffWeb client to for all libraries

  • Staff efficiencies:

    • Global call number updates

    • Updates to tax support for purchase orders: companion to “tax at invoice” support included in SirsiDynix Symphony 3.2

    • Horizon-style “re-shuffle hold queue”

    • “Item group circulation”: identify groups of materials that can be circulated together via a single barcode or circulated individually via their unique barcodes

Basics of the sirsidynix symphony 3 3 roadmap35 l.jpg
Basics of the SirsiDynix Symphony 3.3 Roadmap

  • Staff efficiencies/Services for end users:

    • Support for rental fees

    • Basic SmartCard implementation based on UK standards

  • End users:

    • Expand support for Enriched Content to accommodate new content from Bowker and other ‘feed’ sources (change will be made to HIP 3.0x series as well)

    • HIP-style “My List” capabilities

    • HIP-based Patron “My Account” capabilities such as linking to title from My Account displays, display of material type and hold “in transit” status

    • Sorting of Patron “My Account” lists

  • Sirsidynix sales territory change l.jpg
    SirsiDynix Sales Territory Change

    Steve Orton

    Territory Sales Representative – Mountain Plains


    800-288-8020 ext 5502