journey to different levels of wisdom from chinese religions philosoph ies to christian faith n.
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基督信仰與儒釋道境界 Prof. Thomas Leung 梁燕城教授 PowerPoint Presentation
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基督信仰與儒釋道境界 Prof. Thomas Leung 梁燕城教授

基督信仰與儒釋道境界 Prof. Thomas Leung 梁燕城教授

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基督信仰與儒釋道境界 Prof. Thomas Leung 梁燕城教授

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  1. 慧 境 神 遊Journey to Different Levels Of Wisdom-From Chinese Religions/Philosophies to Christian Faith 基督信仰與儒釋道境界 Prof. Thomas Leung 梁燕城教授

  2. 生活境界 Horizon of everyday life Ordinary people is just living , working ,but also suffering ageing and dieing.What then is the meaning of life. 生存、工作、追求成功、 痛苦、衰老、死亡、 問為何有這一切? 為何有人生?

  3. The horizon of emptiness In reflecting the meaning ,the first enlightenment is that everthing is changing ,all things are in the state of impermanence . This is the heart of Buddhism :The recognition of the horizon of emptiness

  4. 無常,空的境界 Horizon of Emptiness 覺悟生滅變化,緣起性空,破除執著 生活境界 Horizon of everyday life

  5. The Dao(Tao) The second enlightenment: From emptiness to the awarenessof the dao. All things are not only changing ,but there are unchangeable ways to direct the developing. There should have an ontological Way to arrange the development of everything.This is call the Dao.

  6. 規律,道的境界Horizon of The Dao 萬有循道各路而發展,宇宙有奇異設計 有一偉大的道,架構變化中的不變規律 空的境界Emptiness 生活境界Everyday life

  7. human goodness The third enlightenment: From awareness of the Dao to pursuit of human goodness .The recognition horizon of human nature and its ontological foundation : Heaven .Heaven is the source of goodnes and creativity This is the central idea of Confucianism. recognition

  8. 生生不息,天的境界 Horizon of Creativity 創造性力量,貫串在人性與宇宙當中道的境界 Dao 空的境界 Emptiness 生活境界 Everyday life

  9. Great God of the highest Heaven The fourth enlightenment: If Heaven is the originof human compassion and goodness , then Heaven must has personal feeling and compassion .In ancient time , it is call the great God of the highest Heaven(皇天上帝).

  10. 有情天,皇天上帝境界Horizon of a Personal God 宇宙中的人具情格,其來源亦應具親情, 為有位格的真理。 天的境界 Creativity 道的境界 Dao 空的境界 Emptiness 生活境界 Everyday life

  11. 上帝 Real God There is a gap between the God of philosophy and the God in reality . Is it possible that this personal God can reveal Himself and bridges the gap? 皇天上帝境界 Personal God 天的境界Creativity 道的境界 Dao 空的境界 Emptiness 生活境界 Everyday life 人思考與修為盡頭 人的上溯

  12. A revealed God The fifth enlightenment: human being encounters a God who directly revealed and communicated to human being. A compassionate God who acts in human history. Through the incarnation and salvation of Jesus Christ , an I-Thou relationship between God and human being can be estublished.

  13. 上帝 Real God 真神的啟示 REVELATION 皇矣上帝境界 Personal God 天 的境界Creativity 道的境界 Dao 空的境界Emptiness 生活境界Everyday life 人

  14. Godof Trinity 救贖 Salvation 皇矣上帝境界 Personal God 天的境界 Creativity 道的境界 Dao 空的境界 Emptiness 生活境界 Everyday life

  15. 上帝從道創造世界

  16. 神靈超級市場 中國民間信仰的來龍去脈Supermarket of the godsUnderstanding of the Chinese Folk religions

  17. 根源篇 The Roots

  18. 天壇 Altar of Heaven

  19. 天壇內景 皇天上帝

  20. 皇矣上帝 臨下有赫 監觀四方 求民之莫 詩經皇矣篇

  21. How great is our God (Lord in the highest) He looks down from Heaven with glory He watches over the four corners of the world And pursues good fortune for the people

  22. 維此文王 小心翼翼 昭事上帝 詩經周頌文王篇

  23. Only the great Emperor Wen As careful as possible To serve the Highest Lord

  24. 夏氏有罪 予畏上帝 不敢不正 書經湯誓

  25. King Tang spoke to his army : The family of Emperor Xia committed to sin .I am the one who fear God ,so that I must raise an army to revolt against them.

  26. 祖先崇拜The Rites of Paying Respect to the Ancestors 祖先是配上帝而祭 禮記萬物本乎天All things originate from the heaven 人本乎祖Humanity originated from the ancestor 所以配上帝也It has to be respected together with God 郊之祭,報本反始也The rites of Jiao(worshiping God ),is for returning to the origin 。

  27. 論語孔子:「未能事人,焉能事鬼」曾子:「慎終追遠,民德歸厚矣」論語孔子:「未能事人,焉能事鬼」曾子:「慎終追遠,民德歸厚矣」 Confucius says ,“If I can not serve man better ,how can I serve the ghosts。 Zeng Zi says“(Respecting the ancestor)is for caring on the matter of the death and the past。It is to help cultivate the human moral consciousness 。

  28. 西溪叢話:行香於經書無載,起於胡人習俗 Burning incense is not from Chinese tradition,it is imported by the north western Buddhist tribes during the time they invaded and hence stated in China after 316 AD.。

  29. 印度有「中陰身」 (Antara-bhava)之說,為吃香之鬼物 後佛教以人死後變成中有狀態,即中陰身,留在地上四十九天,第七天回魂,故以香祀之。 The Indian Buddhist believes that the ghost (Antara-bhava) need to eat incense and stay 49 days on earth.

  30. 秦始王自稱皇帝,統治者成爲皇天上帝。 人民卻失去上帝和永生的盼望。 The Emperor Zhing proclaimed himself as God (Lord in the highest),then the concept of God was identified with the ruler.Chinese people hense lose the understanding of God.

  31. 道教起源 • Origin of Daoism, the Immortals and the quest for eternal life

  32. Heavenly teacher Zhang Dao Ling

  33. 道教起源 The ThreeHighly PureImmortals

  34. supernatural administration 北 • 天界 • Heaven 東 西 南 • 被封神仙的人 • Immortals • 自然現象諸神靈 gods of nature

  35. west 北 north Heaven 西 west 東 east 南 south

  36. The Greatest Jade Emperor

  37. Southern Old Immortal

  38. Western MotherEastern Father 東 西 南

  39. General Rain Uncle Wind • 天界

  40. Lady Lightening Uncle Thundering • 天界

  41. 被封神仙的人 Human Immortals

  42. 道教神靈行政圖 1.2 • 被封神仙的人Appointed humans as immortals

  43. Supernatural administration 2 • 地界 earth • 河海界 Sea and river • 冥界 Under World

  44. Goddess of the toilet (not washroom) god of the stove, god of the moat, god of the earth, god of the mountain 地界 gods of earth

  45. three gods of the heaven , earth and water god of heaven

  46. god of money

  47. The black and white demons of death