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Hopi By Cole and Roan PowerPoint Presentation
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Hopi By Cole and Roan

Hopi By Cole and Roan

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Hopi By Cole and Roan

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  1. Hopi By Cole and Roan

  2. The Hopi people lived over 12,000 years ago. The Hopi people where called the peaceful one’s. By the time the Spanish arrived there where about 100,000 native Americans living in over 100 communities. Hopi People

  3. In 1990 there were 11,000 Hopi in Arizona. About 7,000 live on the Hopi reservation in Arizona. There are 11 Hopi villages' in Arizona. Population

  4. The Hopi hunters used bows and arrows. They also used spears in the war against the Spanish and Navajos. Hopi tools include farming tool’s, spindles and looms for weaving cotton. Hopi weapons

  5. Hopi Indians lived in pueblos, which are homes made of mud and stones. But some of the homes were made of mud and sticks. Hopi Indians lived in adobe homes, which are multi story houses complexes. Homes

  6. The Hopi usually made bracelets made out of silver. The Hopi made katsina dolls. They made pots and baskets. Art and craft’s

  7. They fought the Spanish and won. They gave us different varieties of corn. They gave us tobacco pipes. What contribution’s did they make.

  8. They raised corn or maize as the basic food. They grew 24 different kinds, of corn, but the blue and white was the most common. They also grew beans, squash, melons, pumpkins, and fruit. Hopi men also hunted deer, antelope, and small game. Food

  9. The Hopi traded regularly with other tribes of the southwest, particularly the other Pueblo tribe. Pueblo trade routes reached to Mexico and California coast. The Hopi traded with the pueblo tribe tobacco pipes and corn. Trading

  10. Hopi men only wore breechcloths or men skirts. The Hopi women wore leg cotton dresses called mantas. The Hopi wore deerskin shoes. Clothes

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