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Welcome. State Steering Team Meeting Paramount Hotel October 23-24, 2013. www.osymigrant.org. Expectations for Our Meeting. Update SST about new materials, including ACReS online course and OSY Screener Provide information about the work of the TST

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State Steering Team Meeting

Paramount Hotel

October 23-24, 2013


Expectations for our meeting
Expectations for Our Meeting

  • Update SST about new materials, including ACReS online course and OSY Screener

  • Provide information about the work of the TST

  • Discuss lessons learned from Year 1 of SOSOSY

  • Learn how states have integrated OSY into their CNA and SDP process

  • Provide feedback on OSY State Plan, SOSOSY Equity Review and CIG Collaboration

  • Inform SST about the Mentoring Pilot process and discuss the State Snapshot Template

  • Discuss needs of Consortium in the future

  • Provide networking opportunities and opportunities for technical assistance


Agenda october 23
Agenda – October 23

  • Welcome and Introductions – Doug Boline

  • Updates from SOSOSY – Tracie Kalic

    • TST work groups

      • Training Work Group – Emily Hoffman and Sonja Williams

      • Mentoring Work Group –Barbie Patch

      • Curriculum and Materials Work Group- Bob Lynch

      • ID&R Work Group

      • Technology Work Group

      • What’s on the horizon?

  • States Updates and Discussion – Susan Durón

    • Lessons learned from SOSOSY Year 1

    • Use of pre/post assessments and process

  • OSY Screener- Brenda Pessin

    • Review assessment

    • View video

  • SOSOSY Equity Review Process – Susan Durón

    • Review procedures

    • Discuss rubric

    • Nominate Equity Review Process panel

Agenda october 231
Agenda- October 23

  • Panel discussion and focused feedback of strategies and tools to include OSY in State CNA and SDP – Susan Durón

  • Mentoring Work Group presentation – Barbie Patch

    • Share state systems for working with OSY

    • Analyze state resources for development of an State OSY Plan

  • Goal Planning – Susan Durón and Tracie Kalic

  • Training of Trainers and State Training Plans – Sonja Williams and Emily Hoffman

  • Discuss progress toward SOSOSY goals and objectives – Susan Durón

  • Review goal planning tools

  • Discuss data collection and the Year 1 APR

  • Plan and review goals for Year 2 

  • Dissemination Event planning – Tracie Kalic

Sososy updates
SOSOSY Updates

  • TOT- Congratulations to all the trainers and the Training Work Group

  • Pre/post assessments

  • New curricular materials

    • Write Now

  • ACReS online course


Technical support team update
Technical Support Team Update

  • TST work groups

    • Training Work Group – Emily Hoffman and Sonja Williams

    • Mentoring Work Group –Barbie Patch

    • Curriculum and Materials Work Group- Bob Lynch

    • ID&R Work Group

    • Technology Work Group


Training work group
Training Work Group

  • Members: Sonja Williams (NC- Co-Lead), Emily Hoffman (MA- Co-Lead), Jorge Echegaray (FL), Kathleen Bibus (MN) and Brenda Meyer (CO)

  • Over 75 trainers from 21 states

  • Next steps


Mentoring work group
Mentoring Work Group

  • Members: Jessica Castaneda (TN-Lead), Barbie Patch (NH), John Farrell (KS), Ray Melecio (FL) and Michael Maye (NY)

  • Mentoring pilot

  • Next steps


Curriculum work group
Curriculum Work Group

  • Members: Bob Lynch (NY- Lead), Brenda Pessin (IL), Lindsay Ickes (NE), Stephanie Clark (PA) and Marisela Trejo (GA)

  • Write On

  • New mini lessons

  • Pre/Post Assessments

  • Professional development


Identification and recruitment
Identification and Recruitment

  • Members: Jennifer Almeda (NC- Lead), Erin Shea (VT, Taylor Dearman (MS), Sheila Peck (AR), Joan Geraci (NJ) and Marlene Willis (Technical Support)

  • Creation of spreadsheet and possible map for each member state (Department of Agriculture census resource

  • Recruiter Knowledge Assessment


Technology work group
Technology Work Group

  • Members: Kelsey Williams (ID- Lead), Marlene Willis (KS) Sabrina Rivera-Pineda (GA) and Alfonso Zepeda-Capistran (WI)

  • Members assigned to serve as technology liasions on other work groups


What s on the horizon
What’s on the Horizon?

  • Dissemination Event planning

  • Mentoring work

  • Trainer support via webinars and other just-in-time professional development

  • Integration of technology

  • New ID&R tools

  • Professional development for instructional support


States updates and discussion
States Updates and Discussion

  • The Year One Annual Performance Report (APR) requires SOSOSY states to report the lessons learned.

  • With a partner, discuss one lesson learned and print it on the response card at your table.

  • You have 6 minutes for this activity.

  • We will debrief with the large group asking 2-3 states to share their lesson learned.


State sharing of lessons learned from year 1 of sososy
State Sharing of Lessons Learned from Year 1 of SOSOSY

  • What are states’ lessons learned, “aha’s”, and important reflections based on the first year implementation and outcomes of SOSOSY?


Use of pre and post assessments
Use of Pre and Post Assessments

  • Process used in SOSOSY states

  • Results from the data


  • What was the response by service providers?

  • What suggestions are your recommendations?

    (e.g., ease of administration, data collection)

  • How are service providers using the data?


Osy screener brenda pessin il
OSY Screener – Brenda Pessin (IL)

  • Revised Screening Tool (includes instructions, score sheet, and expanded tool)

    • provides more detailed instructions

    • separates the following components: administration instructions, score sheet, and instrument

    • includes optional screening for higher literacy levels (in English and Spanish)

  • Video and Viewer Guide (shows students of various levels being screened for language proficiency)

  • Pilot of Tool and Process


Equity review process
Equity Review Process

We proposed reviewing all SOSOSY-developed materials to ensure equity. (See FII 1.10)

“Review all materials using an equity process to eliminate language or procedures that are exclusionary, put out guidelines to ensure equal educational opportunities and affirmative action for OSY, and follow the strategies put forth in the Federal guidance for Section 427 of GEPA”

See the handout in your packet


Equity review process1
Equity Review Process

Convene a panel of migrant educators with knowledge and experience working with and/or administering programs for OSY

  • Panel reviews and rates all SOSOSY-developed materials based on an equity review rubric and recommends changes, as needed

  • SOSOSY-developed materials are revised


Equity review process2
Equity Review Process

See the handout in your packet


Equity review panel
Equity Review Panel

  • We are asking members of the SOSOSY Steering Team to nominate themselves, a representative from their state, or someone who is not here today  as panelists.

  • We need 3 Equity Review panelists!


Welcome 1835411

Panel Discussion and Focused Feedback on Strategies and Tools to Include OSY in the State CNA and SDP."





Panel focus on sdp
Panel Focus on SDP

  • SOSOSY Performance Measure 3.2: By the end of the project, 80% of consortium states will demonstrate capacity to serve OSY as documented by measurable program outcomes specific to OSY that are included in the state Service Delivery Plan (SDP).

  • Expected Outcome: 16+ of 20 states include MPOs to support OSY in states’ SDPs


Panel focus on cna
Panel Focus on CNA

  • SOSOSY Performance Measure 3.3: By the end of the project, 80% of consortium states will demonstrate capacity to serve OSY through the collection of comprehensive needs data that is included in the state Comprehensive Needs Assessment (CNA).

  • Expected Outcome: 16+ of 20 states include data on OSY in their state CNA reports


Where are we now
Where Are We Now?

Baseline data show:

  • 8 of 20 states include OSY in their SDPs

  • 7 of 20 states include data on OSY in their CNAs

  • We have a ways to go to meet the goal!


Panel question 1
Panel Question #1

One of the objectives of SOSOSY is to provide systems and supports for including OSY as states collect data for their Comprehensive Needs Assessment.

  • How has your state structured its CNA to include OSY? What specific data on OSY do you collect and report in the CNA?


Panel question 2
Panel Question #2

Another objective of SOSOSY is to provide systems and supports to states for including OSY as states develop their statewide Service Delivery Plan.

  • How has your state structured its SDP to include OSY?

  • What MPOs and solution strategies does your state have in its SDP that specifically address OSY?


Panel question 3
Panel Question #3

  • What advice do you have for states that currently are updating their CNAs and SDPs?


Mentoring pilot
Mentoring Pilot

  • Overview of mentoring and process used to develop the mentoring tools

  • Reaction from pilot state-

  • Snapshot tool


Mentoring the state s perspective
Mentoring– The State’s Perspective

Our mentoring session was very productive and useful. The mentors were very professional and helpful.

Our meeting began with the mentors asking us some questions about our state and our out of school youth population. They also asked questions about where we wanted to go with the population. We shared our thoughts about getting focusing more on the out of school youth. Each of the mentors shared how their state does certain things regarding the out of school youth. They also shared problems they had encountered along the way and possible solutions for things we might encounter. They brain stormed with ideas we had on state wide activities focusing on out of school youth.

Each of them made it clear if we had any questions that they were available to help us.

What I appreciated the most was that the mentors did not tell us what to do but rather made suggestions and listened to what we had to say. We would certainly not mind if they were to come again to work with us. It was a very pleasant, positive, nonthreatening experience.


State snapshot t ool
State Snapshot Tool

Why was this tool developed? How will information be used? What will be shared with mentoring states and others?

  • Way to collect information about what states are doing

  • Build models to share how states are supporting OSY

  • Connect and network states who may have specific needs

  • Refine our technical assistance capabilities


Goal planning
Goal Planning

  • Training of Trainers and State Training Plans

  • Progress toward SOSOSY goals and objectives

  • Review of goal planning tools

  • Data collection and the Year 1 APR

  • Plan and review goals for Year 2


Preliminary data review on progress toward sososy goals
Preliminary Data Review on Progress Toward SOSOSY Goals

  • See handout on APR Performance Measures outcomes for Year 1 of SOSOSY

  • Where did we meet our objectives?

  • Where did we fall short?

  • What do we need to do to plan for success in Year 2?


Welcome 1835411

  • The Year 1 APR is due to OME in December

  • Submitted by Kansas/META

  • Requirement for each SOSOSY State to submit a signed Grant Performance Cover Sheet with ONLY items 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 11, 12completed

  • This sheet is PRE-POPULATED for your state. ALL you need is to get the signature/date.


Welcome 1835411

  • Please OME in review your State’s cover sheet for any necessary changes

  • A “draft” report will be emailed to states by Friday, November 1, 2013 to use for obtaining signatures


Apr cover sheet sososy
APR Cover Sheet OME in SOSOSY

Submit signed Cover Sheets

via overnight (or 2nd day) delivery no later than

Tuesday, December 10, 2013to:

Susan Durón

META Associates

518 Old Santa Fe Trail, Suite 1-208

Santa Fe, NM 87505

(303) 550-3333


Dissemination event planning
Dissemination Event Planning OME in

  • When?

  • Where?

  • Structure of the 2-day event

  • Theme

  • Event planning committee


Agenda october 24
Agenda- October 24 OME in

  • Welcome – Tracie Kalic

  • Collaboration/coordination with national, state and local partners: how to broker services – Bob Lynch

    • Calendar of events

    • Survey for Migrant Literacy CORE reading CIG – Susan Durón

  • Instructional Technology – Kelsey Williams

  • Talk about lessons learned by states in using educational technology

  • Presentation: Academic and Career Readiness Skills Online Course

  • Discussion of Future Needs – Susan Durón and Tracie Kalic

  • Planning for Potential Year 3

  • Discussion of future needs, goals and objectives

  • Year 3 Budget

  • Meeting Planning -- Tracie Kalic

  • Select spring meeting date

  • Location and time


Outreach training to date sososy
Outreach/Training To Date OME in SOSOSY

  • Sessions at OME Conference (11/2012)

  • Participating in InET, ML CORE, and Math MATTERS sessions and meetings (ongoing)

  • Sessions at the National Conference (4/2013)

  • All CIG Session at National Conference (4/3013)

    What other ways can we inform MEP staff in the other CIG States about the resources available through SOSOSY?


Survey for ml core
Survey for ML Core OME in

  • Please assist Migrant Literacy CORE by completing a 3-minute survey on interstate/inter-CIG collaboration

  • On behalf of the 14 states in MLC, thank you for your assistance!


Collaboration and coordination
Collaboration and Coordination OME in

  • How do states collaborate with national, state and local partners?

  • How are services brokered?

  • How can we move our CIG collaboration/coordination forward?


Instructional technology
Instructional Technology OME in

  • What are states using?

  • What other options do we want to consider in regard to instructional technology?

  • Introduction to ACReS online


Discussion of future needs
Discussion of Future Needs OME in

  • Going beyond Year 2 of SOSOSY: What are the future needs, goals, objectives, activities, and budgetsuggestions for a third year of SOSOSY?

  • What are the implications for Performance Measures?


Meeting planning
Meeting Planning OME in

  • Spring meeting

    • Location

    • Time

    • Other questions?