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Scientists of the Enlightenment

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Scientists of the Enlightenment - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Scientists of the Enlightenment. Changing the way we see the World. Middle Ages. Scientific Thought Religious teachings - Catholic Church Earth was flat Geocentric view Magic Superstition Ancient Writings (Galen, Ptolemy, Aristotle ) Barber Surgeon. Scientific Revolution.

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scientists of the enlightenment

Scientists of the Enlightenment

Changing the way we see the World

middle ages
Middle Ages
  • Scientific Thought
    • Religious teachings - Catholic Church
      • Earth was flat
      • Geocentric view
    • Magic
    • Superstition
    • Ancient Writings (Galen, Ptolemy, Aristotle)
    • Barber Surgeon
scientific revolution
Scientific Revolution
  • Use of Scientific Method
    • Ideas that are unproven should be discarded
    • Ideas should be tested
    • Truth comes through investigation
geocentric view vs heliocentric view
Geocentric View vs. Heliocentric View

Catholic Church


earth was round and on an axis rotated around the sun which was at the center of the solar system
Earth was round and, on an axis, rotated around the sun, which was at the center of the solar system.

Planets move in ellipses not circles (Copernicus) and those closer to the sun travel faster. Did not get in trouble with Catholic Church because he was Protestant.


Built telescope and argued that the earth was round. Had to recant his findings because he was Catholic. Church banned books and convicted people of heresy.


Their ideas challenged the authority of the church and long held beliefs. Their ideas were based on logic and reason.


Developed scientific method that is made up of observation, hypothesis, tests, and conclusions. Scientific knowledge cannot be assumed. It must be tested.


He proved the theory of gravity (apple). Developed calculus to prove that gravity holds the universe together by keeping the sun and planets in orbit.

The first to prove that the heart pumps blood throughout the body and it is circulated through the veins
impact of scientific revolution
Impact of Scientific Revolution
  • Ideas would challenge church authority
  • Ideas would challenge traditional beliefs about nature and the universe
  • Ideas would be based on reason and observation in the future
  • Led people to question their governments
catholic church s reaction
Catholic Church’s Reaction
  • Resented the challenge to church authority
  • Banned books
  • Convicted supporters of heresy