Visual analysis queens
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Visual Analysis Queens. Group C1. Queen Victoria. With the background being bleak it contrasts with the queens face, and we feel that it shows a vulnerable side to the queen. It Also implies that she is not happy with her life

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Visual analysis queens
Visual AnalysisQueens

Group C1

Visual analysis queens

Queen Victoria

  • With the background being bleak it contrasts with the queens face, and we feel that it shows a vulnerable side to the queen. It Also implies that she is not happy with her life

  • Posies pointing down could show loss off love. With the rose being pink this further suggests love.

  • With the queen wearing white it shows her purity.

  • Queen Victoria is also the focal point, so we can see her powerful status. By the clothes she is wearing it also shows her powerful status in society.

Visual analysis queens

Queen Seon Deok of Korea

  • Very Grand and seems powerful similar to Freddy Mercury who also seems grand and spectacular and very showy.

  • Bleak colours reminiscing of the queens expression.

  • Her attire and furniture shows her sense of power and the fact everything seems to be scaled to be more grand is almost a show of power.

  • The large headpiece makes her look imposing.

  • The Oriental clothing shows where she’s from.

  • With the gold colors in the background it could show her deliberate picture of wealth.

Visual analysis queens

Freddy Mercury Queen

  • Spectacular and grand, to show he is a top performer. Showing wealth this is similar to Queen Seon Deok of Korea

  • We can see by the attire that he is wearing he wants to emphasize the royalty off his name.

  • Strong bright colors are used to show his confidence on stage? That he should stand out because he is an important performer.

Visual analysis queens

Queen Bodecia

  • The way in which we see the central person in this picture, it gives the expression as if they were almost like a god

  • This image immediately draws us to the center,

  • We can see that this captures a moment in time.

  • This image ties to the picture of RuPaul - Shows her literal power as she's crushing her enemies

Visual analysis queens


  • Rupaul is the main focus in this image this is to show her power.

  • Large hair and large jewellery (Diamonds) further show her exaggeration on the powerful status she is trying to show.

  • Uses Human characteristic's as base.

  • This also uses the rule of thirds..

  • . Moreover her beauty shows her power.

Visual analysis queens

Helen Mirren (The Queen)

  • This image contrasts bleakness and colour.

  • We can see by her facial expression that it tells a story of what she is feeling.

  • With the use of black clothing combined with flowers in the background it could suggest loss. This could link to the queen Victoria portrait.

  • Again with the facial expression, it leaves the audience wondering what she is thinking.

  • Rule of thirds also apply here. As we focus on her expression.

Visual analysis queens

Mary Queen Of Scots

  • Similar style to Queen Victoria – portrait layout, centre of attention, shows status.

  • Holding all her symbols of power and status, dressed in elaborate clothing of gold.