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Visual Rhetorical Analysis

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Visual Rhetorical Analysis - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Visual Rhetorical Analysis. By: Leah Thompson. “Advertising Baby”. “Advertising Baby”. Background Information:. This photo is commonly used on blogging web sights. The blog where I got the photo is by Jocelyn.

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visual rhetorical analysis

Visual Rhetorical Analysis

By: Leah Thompson

“Advertising Baby”

background information
Background Information:
  • This photo is commonly used on blogging web sights.
  • The blog where I got the photo is by Jocelyn.
  • Jocelyn’s main point from this photo was that advertising consumes everyone from the beginning.
what do you notice first and why does it stand out1
What do you notice first and why does it stand out?
  • First, I noticed that the baby’s smile, then the logos and the parent’s hands holding the child.
  • The smile first stood out to me because all of the logos were so colorful and made the smile indifferent from the rest of the body.
who might the audience be
Who might the audience be?
  • I think the audience could be any mother and father .
  • I also think that the audience could be anyone who uses or deals with one of the companies advertised on the baby.
what is the meaning purpose of this photo
What is the meaning/purpose of this photo?
  • I think the purpose of this photo is to show how the impact of advertisements do not only affect us as we mature; It effects us from birth throughout our lifetime.
  • Along with the purpose the meaning is very similar. The meaning is that we as the future and our own future are being engrossed by advertisement.
is the photo s meaning changed
Is the photo’s meaning changed?
  • Yes the meaning is changed because without the advertisements the purpose makes no sense .
  • You only see a baby and do not see the real point of the photo besides the happy baby.
what is the emotional appeal pathos
What is the emotional appeal?PATHOS:
  • The charming smile on the child’s face is one that makes a person feel warm and cheerful.
  • The hands holding the child gives you a sense of protection.
  • The child itself portrays innocence and new beginnings.
what is the logical appeal logos
What is the logical appeal?LOGOS:
  • The logical appeal is that people do grow up knowing these businesses being advertised.
  • What child can not name at least one of the logos that is on the baby? If so, what does that say about the consumption of advertisement?
what is the ethical appeal ethos
  • Although there is no credible source, written small in a corner on the picture, each of the logos is a recognizable and credible company.
  • Basically this photo illustrates how from birth we are “branded” as Jocelyn said in her blog. When born, companies like these try to get to us first… make themselves a priority and almost necessity of happiness.
  • Even at birth we are exposed to the deep harshness of advertisement.
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