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Bar Coding

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Bar Coding. By Nick Mitchell. To Be Covered. What is a Barcode What are some of the uses of Barcodes How does a Barcode work Where you may find a Barcode How a firm may use Barcodes Summary. What is a Barcode. Like “License Plates”

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Bar Coding

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bar coding

Bar Coding

By Nick Mitchell

to be covered
To Be Covered
  • What is a Barcode
  • What are some of the uses of Barcodes
  • How does a Barcode work
  • Where you may find a Barcode
  • How a firm may use Barcodes
  • Summary
what is a barcode
What is a Barcode
  • Like “License Plates”
    • Identifies an item by the numbers and/or letters stored in the barcode, once read a vast amount of information can be stored and related to a product.
  • 300 different types
    • Different schemes of bars and spaces are arranged for coding data.
uses of barcodes
Uses Of Barcodes
  • Products
    • Consumer products such as: magazines, food products, etc.
  • Services
    • Gyms and facilities which track attendance.
how do barcodes work
How do barcodes work
  • Identifier
    • This allows a computer to search for information about a product from a numerical or alphabetical code.
  • Beams
    • Beams of light from a reader take a picture of the barcode and reads the relative widths of both the bars and the spaces, giving each code a unique identifier
where you may find barcodes
Where you may find barcodes
  • Grocery Stores
  • Recreation Clubs
  • Ski Resorts
  • Manufacturing companies
  • FedEx & UPS
  • Retail Stores
how they may be used
How they may be used
  • Grocery Stores
    • During stocking of shelves entering the number of products and each kind
    • During check out the checkers scan products brining up identification of products, removal from inventory, and totaling up amount due.
how they may be used cont
How they may be used cont.
  • A Gym or Recreation Club
    • These business will use barcodes for the club member’s passes.
    • As a user of the club enters the facility they will run their card through a scanner.
    • Once this is scanned the members information will be brought up
      • Picture, billing, dates of sign-up, and maybe work-out programs.
how they may be used cont9
How they may be used cont.
  • Ski Resorts
    • Some resorts track a skiers vertical feet
      • By using scanners a lift operator can scan a skiers pass with a beam. This will then be entered into a database for tracking
    • Season pass verification
      • Similar to how Recreational clubs, these resorts can use barcodes on the back of passes to measure attendance.
how the may be used cont
How the may be used cont.
  • Manufacturing company
    • Serial numbers may be assigned to each individual product.
    • Once produced these product will be entered into Finished Goods Inventory (FGI) by scanning them in to a software program.
    • When these products are taken out of FGI and shipped or purchased they can be scanned to be removed from the inventory system.
how the may be used cont11
How the may be used cont.
  • FedEx & UPS
    • These companies rely on timeliness and accuracy. Scanning each package throughout its journey helps to ensure a packages delivery.
    • Barcodes on packages contain destination, weight or dimensional weight, time of departure and location, cost, and type of service
how the may be used cont12
How the may be used cont.
  • Retail Stores
    • Used during the inventory of clothing and apparel, or other consumer goods.
    • Also used during check-out, the use of barcodes will automatically deduct from inventory as items are purchased.
  • Benefits of barcodes
    • Speed
    • Efficiency
    • Accuracy
    • Access to information
    • Completeness of information
    • Over all competence of logistics