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1 University of Mataram , Indonesia; 2 West Nusa Tenggara Provincial Department of Planning, Indonesia; 3 Summit Institute for Development, Indonesia; 4 University of California, Davis , USA; 5 Harvard School of Public Health, USA.

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1University of Mataram, Indonesia; 2West Nusa Tenggara Provincial Department of Planning, Indonesia; 3Summit Institute for Development, Indonesia; 4University of California, Davis, USA; 5Harvard School of Public Health, USA

Background: West Nusa Tenggara (WNT) Province is an underdeveloped area of Eastern Indonesia amongst lowest ranked regions in human development in the country. The WNT Provincial government has initiated the “Golden Generation” program wherein optimal child development will be supported by scalable and sustainable policies and programs. One strategy is an integrated community approach focused on enhancing the household child stimulation environment and improving the quality and access to existing Early Childhood Development Centers (ECDC), and integrate them with community Health Extension Clinics (HEC) to optimize nutrition and health interventions. The impact will be assessed through a cluster randomized controlled trial in ~300villages over 2-years. We anticipate that 15,000 infants will be exposed to the intervention with an increase of 0.3 SD in mean developmental scores at 2 years.


The Golden Generation Program: An integrated community-based early childhood development initiative in IndonesiaRosiady Sayuti1,2, Husni Muadz1, Khaerul Anwar2, Mandri Apriatni3, Benjamin Harefa3, Elizabeth Prado3,4 and Anuraj Shankar3,5


[1] developmental community health workers (dCHW) will train, coach and certify baby-friendly couples (BFC) to optimize early childhood development for their infants and children

[2] Early Childhood Development Centers (ECDC) in each village will be enhanced by staff training and certification

[3] A mobile real time data platform will link the BFC, dCHW, ECDC and community Health Extension Clinic (HEC) to target and track growth and development of infants and children

[4] dCHW Cooperatives will be created as sustainable social business with a revenue from insurance, and selling of goods and services to clients




Baby Friendly Couple Training at ECDC

Home environment enhancements

Baby Friendly Couple Training by dCHW

beg inning at marriage

Referral and pregnancy care at HEC

Baby Friendly Couple Training by dCHW

and at ECDC

and HEC care

dCHW home visits and enhancement

Ongoing support from ECDC and dCHW

System supported by mobile data platform linking dCHW, ECDC and HEC care and outcomes

Outcomes to be assessed:motor skills, receptive and expressive language, personal-social skills, socio-emotional regulation, inhibitory control, milestone attainment, height for age. We project a 0.3 SD increase in mean developmental scores at 2 years.



[1] Focused on thrivability and goes beyond simple prevention of neglect, illness or mortality

[2] Enhances the home environmentthrough maternal empowerment and couple-based competencies

[3] Integratesand enhances existing services for health and education at the community level

[4] Deploys developmental CHWs guided by real time integrated information on child growth and development to provide customized guidance to couples

[5] Creates sustainable social businessof dCHW cooperatives marketing information and goodsfor child development

[6] Establish Early Childhood Development Institute at local university for long term research and training