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bryan talbott, washington dc

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A highly enthusiastic person, Bryan Talbott has built up huge reputation as a property manager and is widely known for his exceptional leadership and interpersonal skills. He has been active in property management industry for more than 25 years, and was the founding member of several property management services. At present, he is serving as property manager at a medium sized property management firm


based in Washington DC named Private Properties where he develops and recommends objectives for every operational area and short or long-term programs. Bryan Talbott has exceptional communication skills, which enables him to create solid communication stream with tenants, investors and clients. He also serves as a liaison between these parties and makes sure all issues are properly addressed.


Bryan Talbott is a licensed real estate manager, holds certification in property management and is proficient in YARDI – efficient property management software. In 1993, he joined Esquire Management as Vice President, and helped in the development and implementation of operating procedures, making sure these were documented properly. Bryan Talbott was also given the responsibility of reviewing and approving


financial reports that inform customers of the marketing, physical and financial condition of properties. When working at Esquire Management, he also cooperated with other departments within the company in preparing, creating and finally executing plans. Moreover, he also assessed the performance of administrative staff against predetermined operating procedures, through various performance evaluations.


Aside from that, Bryan Talbott has also worked with Dreyfuss Brothers, Federal City Sales Leasing and Management, Charles E. Smith, and Wood Management. He is a trustworthy and generous individual who donates a substantial amount of money to cancer and HIV/AIDS research on regular basis. He is a Law School Graduate from the George Mason University, Fairfax, and has attended West Virginia University, Morgantown, WV to pursue his bachelor’s


degree in Political Science. Bryan Talbott has one son and one daughter- both are presently attending college in Buffalo NY. He takes interest in restoring old homes and loves reading, landscaping and riding his motorbike during leisure time.