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Washington DC guide

In this document we will give you the travel guide of Washington DC.

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Washington DC guide

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  1. Washington DC is located approximately in the center of the east coast of the U.S. It is located 230 miles south of the City of New York, less than an hour's drive of Baltimore and a little over two hours from Philadelphia. The city is near the vast Chesepeake Bay about 100 miles inland from the Atlantic Ocean. The landscape is nearly flat with some low hills and shallow valleys. Summers can be quite hot with temperatures often reach over 80 F during the months of June to August. Winters can be quite cold with temperatures intermittently falling below freezing from December through March. The city receives a modest amount of precipitation evenly distributed throughout the year. Some occasional Atlantic storms or floods bring large amounts of snow during the winter. Washington DC guide :

  2. Washington DC is more than a city but less than a state. It is a "district" created by the U.S. Congress in 1790 as a meeting place and transactions for government affairs. Originally a square portion of land 10 miles of side covering the Potomac River between Virginia and Maryland. She was named the District of Columbia and designated therein build the new capital city named Washington in honor of one of the founding fathers of our country and its first president.

  3. A city planned by a French engineer • Washington DC is one of the few U.S. Cities that has been built according to a plan.In 1790, President Washington hired a French engineer of the Army of Lafayette named Pierre L'Enfant to design a glorious capital city like Paris. The full name of the city is Washington, DC. Most people call Washington DC or DC only.

  4. Today, Washington DC is a city of variety and contrast. The central area is beautifully designed with wide avenues lined with magnificent buildings and monuments built in spacious green parks. The surrounding neighborhoods ranging from modern shopping districts and upscale residential neighborhoods to ethnic enclaves and neighborhoods of the working class. The city houses a lot of workers, diplomats, politicians and immigrants from many lands. It is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the U.S. with many ethnic neighborhoods and restaurants specializing in a variety of exotic cuisines. A huge number of government employees and businesses supporting the operation of the federal bureaucracy in suburban communities living in Virginia and Maryland.

  5. Most are free • There are plenty of things to see in Washington DC and most are free. You can tour the U.S. Capitol Building, the White House, the Supreme Court and many federal government agencies such as the Bureau of Engraving and Printing (where they print the money) and the FBI (where he shot a machine gun) . You can visit the monuments to Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson and Roosevelt. You can see Arlington National Cemetery, Monument commemorating the fallen soldiers during the Vietnam War, the Monument to commemorate those who died during the Korean War and the monument commemorating the Battle of Iwo Jima. You can spend several days touring many parts of Smithoniano Institute, one of the finest and largest collections of museums worldwide. And this will not cost you a dime!

  6. Washington DC offers many historical and educational attractions, a variety of cultural and entertainment activities, many opportunities to enjoy food from various ethnic backgrounds and a variety of options to go shopping. Outside the city, within walking distance, there are many fields of battles of civil war, and the President's house in Mount Vernon Washington is just south of DC. The port city of Baltimore and Annapolis, which houses the U.S. Naval Academy, is just an hour away. Even Philadelphia and New York are half day trip.

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