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To… College English I

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To… College English I
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To… College English I

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  1. To… College English I

  2. A process approach to developing expository writing skills through the critical analysis of cross-disciplinary and multicultural readings. Course Description

  3. This course provides 1- A transition into university-level academic writing. 2- Identifying student writing skills. 3- Building upon strengths, and addressing weaknesses. 4- Helping to prepare students for university writing requirements and assignments in other courses.

  4. First lesson

  5. What is the sentence? The sentence is a group of words that contains at least one subject and one verb . A sentence expresses a complete thought.

  6. Simple sentence Compound sentence has one subject and one verb. The subject tells who or what did something . The verb tells the action (or condition). Complex sentence Compound-complex sentence Types of sentences

  7. Examples Subject Verb I study I study and work My head hurts My head and neck hurt It is raining The students are reading

  8. A sentence may also have a complement. The complement completes the meaning of the verb or adds more information to the sentence. There are many types of complements. A complement in a simple sentence may be a noun, pronoun, adjective, or adverb. A complement

  9. Examples Subject Verb Complement I study English ( noun) I don’t understand you ( pronoun) His friend is smart (adjective) It is raining now ( adverb)

  10. A complement may also be a noun phrase, a verb phrase, or a prepositional phrase. Examples Subject verb complement My father owns his own business (noun phrase) My friend wants to get married (verb phrase) The students are reading in the library (prepositional phrase)

  11. A complement may also be a combination Examples Subject verb complement I study English at Greenhills College (noun + prepositional phrase) She wants to get married soon ( verb phrase + adverb)

  12. A prepositional phrase is a group of words that begins with a preposition and ends with a pronoun, noun, or noun phrase. Preposition phrase = preposition + pronoun/ noun/ noun phrase

  13. Prepositional phrases express time, place, possession and some other things. Examples In the morning on January Around the room after her By bus to my best friend Because of the weather of my sisters

  14. Singular subjects - One (of my brothers) is a worker. - Neither (of my parents) is coming. - Much (of my time ) is spent in the library. - Each (of my brothers) wants his own car. - Either (of my sisters) is able to baby-sit for you tonight.

  15. - Both (of my parents) are teachers. - Several (of the teachers) speak my language. Plural subjects

  16. Confusing cases Some (of the money) was missing. (singular) Some (of the students) were missing. (plural) All (of my time) is spent in the library. (singular) All (of my brothers) are singers. (plural) A lot (of the work) was too easy. (singular) A lot (of the people) were angry. (plural) None (of the fruit) is fresh. (singular) None (of the apples) are fresh. (plural)