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Ender's Game

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Created by: Dylan Gaines. Ender's Game. By: Orson Scott Card. Ender’s life on Earth. - The main character is Andrew Wiggin but in the story, Andrew prefers to be called Ender.

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Ender’s life on Earth

  • - The main character is Andrew Wiggin but in the story, Andrew prefers to be called Ender.
  • - In the beginning of the book, Ender is only 6 years old and he has 1 brother and 1 sister. Their names are Peter and Valentine.
  • - Ender was called a third because he was the third child to be born in his family during a time when it was illegal for a family to have more then two children.
  • - Ender’s brother and sister wanted to go to Battle School, but after being monitored, they did not qualify.
  • - Ender also wanted to go to Battle School but after having his monitor removed at an early age, he also thought he did not qualify.
  • - When Ender came home from regular school one day, he found a General standing outside his door. The General asked Ender to go with him to a ship out in space so he could train in Battle School, to prepare for an alien attack that happened once before on earth.
  • - Ender wanted to go but his parents weren't so sure if he should go to the station.
Ender’s life in Battle School
  • - Ender decided to go to the space station because he felt like he was born for it.
  • - When Ender arrived at the Battle School, he got picked on and bullied a lot.
  • Ender had school and training every day and didn’t get much free time. Life was hard in space.
  • When Ender was practicing in the battle room he was better than everyone and he could shoot everybody without missing once. He had better strategies than everyone else tooand he could think of ways to get around people without being detected.
  • The general was very impressed.
  • - Ender Wiggin was brilliant and ruthless. He was becoming a tactical and strategic master.
Earths future
  • Years have passed since Ender got to Battle School, he is now 14 years old and he has excelled in everything at the station, even the battle room.
  • - Back on earth, Ender’s brother and sister have become strong political speakers even at a young age. Ender’s brother Peter would like to rule the entire Earth some day!
  • - Ender has now left Battle School and has been sent to Command School for additional training to fight the aliens (buggers).
  • Will he defeat the bugger horrid,
  • or will they defeat him?
  • Find out by getting the book Ender’s Game.