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Crop Weather Reporting Information PowerPoint Presentation
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Crop Weather Reporting Information

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Crop Weather Reporting Information - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Crop Weather Reporting Information. National Agricultural Statistics Service Mississippi Field Office. Who is Responsible?. * County Extension Directors * Animal Science/Forage Area Directors * Agronomic Crops Area Directors * Horticulture Area Directors Dr. Will McCarty. Purpose.

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Crop Weather Reporting Information

National Agricultural Statistics Service

Mississippi Field Office

who is responsible
Who is Responsible?

* County Extension Directors

* Animal Science/Forage Area Directors

* Agronomic Crops Area Directors

* Horticulture Area Directors

Dr. Will McCarty

  • Report first began in 1872 and has been continuously published since.
  • Designed to track the week-to-week changes in crop conditions and stages of development and the impact of weather events on those crop changes.
  • Provides a historical perspective of current progress versus last week, last year, and 5 year average.
  • Helps stabilize commodity markets during the growing season.
Agricultural Retailers

Government Agencies

Extension Service

News Media


Commodity Brokers


Policy Makers

crops reported in mississippi








Hay (cool season and warm season grasses)

Crops Reported in Mississippi
other items reported in mississippi
Days suitable for fieldwork

Soil Moisture

Cattle Conditions

Feed Grain Supplies

Pasture Conditions

Hay Supplies

Other items reported in Mississippi
how to report
How to Report?
  • Questionnaire is available on the Internet to allow completion from home or office.
  • County Directors base their answers on county conditions.
  • Area Directors base their answers on counties in their area.
  • Use your expertise or the expertise of knowledgeable people in your county or area.
  • You can complete the questionnaire yourself online (NASS recommended)


  • At 8:00 a.m. Monday, your assistant prints the questionnaire to paper.
  • You complete the paper version; return it to your assistant (or call your office and complete it via telephone).
  • Your assistant enters your responses via the Internet by 9:30 a.m.
report specifics
Report Specifics
  • Reports are due by 9:30 a.m. on Monday for the previous week’s activity (Tuesday, if Monday is a Federal Holiday).
  • Your responses reflect conditions and stages through sunset each Sunday evening.
  • Thus if you complete the report before Sunday, project all conditions and developments forward through Sunday.
Example of Reminder Message:A second reminder is sent to your e-mail address on Sunday night.Reminder E-mail message sent to Respondents.

Thank you for your time and effort spent participating in the Monthly Crop Weather Report. We appreciate all of the information you provide that makes this report possible.

To complete this survey, please click on the URL below. The Monthly Crop Weather Narrative must be completed by Monday at 9:30 am. If you are completing the survey before Monday, please remember to project all estimates through Sunday.

With your assistance, the Mississippi Agricultural Statistics Service is able to provide current and accurate information about the agricultural activities in the state. The information you provide is used to track changes in crop condition and development, in conjunction with the impact of the weather on the farming community. Thank you again.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Crop Weather Agricultural Statistician


tips for completing the report
Tips for completing the Report:
  • Establish your own network of knowledgeable individuals:
    • Growers or Producers
    • Farm Service Agency
    • Natural Resource Conservation Service
    • Anyone knowledgeable about crops or livestock in your county
  • Stay in touch with your network as you perform your regular duties.
  • Learn to observe crops and livestock whenever you travel in your county or area.
accessing the survey
Accessing the Survey
  • Select “MS” from drop down ‘State’ menu
  • User ID and Password are case sensitive
  • Make sure “Crop Weather” is the selected survey
  • Select “Continue”
  • The next screen will appear
help menu
Help Menu

For Help, you may go to an online presentation at

and select the PowerPoint show that would best

answer your question.

  • Include comments with each week's report regarding any situations of agricultural importance.
  • Comments refer to the developments of the past week, so they should be written in the past tense.
  • Selected comments will be reprinted in the weekly crop weather report. NASS may edit comments for length and/or clarity.
  • Comments should include any progress or condition situations that need further clarification.
  • State the cause for abnormal progress or changes in conditions. Other factors may be weed, insect, or disease pressures.
  • Unusual situations should be explained to define the extent of the abnormal condition.

Thank you for your participation.To view the weekly report, visit sign up for weekly emails at: