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Common Core State Standards ELA

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Common Core State Standards ELA - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Common Core State Standards ELA. Nancy Fetzer Vocabulary Strategies Module #1 January, 2013. Dr. Elizabeth J. Marrufo Department of Elementary Instruction. CCSS – Emphasis on Vocabulary. Vocabulary --Acquiring Vocabulary --Three Tiers of Words

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common core state standards ela

Common Core State StandardsELA

Nancy Fetzer Vocabulary Strategies

Module #1

January, 2013

Dr. Elizabeth J. Marrufo

Department of Elementary Instruction

ccss emphasis on vocabulary
CCSS – Emphasis on Vocabulary
  • Vocabulary
  • --Acquiring Vocabulary
  • --Three Tiers of Words
  • 1. Tier One Words – everyday words
  • 2. Tier Two Words –
  • --academic words
  • --robust vocabulary
  • 3. Tier Three Words – domain specific words
  • Reference: Appendix A, p. 32

Nancy Fetzer

Vocabulary Strategies 2-5

Word Masters to Story Blasters

With Movie Scripts

robust vocabulary instruction
Robust Vocabulary Instruction
  • Instructional Time
  • 10 minutes vocabulary instruction per day
  • Replace current “Amazing Words” instructional time
  • Carve out the time from the literacy block
  • Robust Vocabulary Words:
    • 5-7 Tier II Words every two weeks
robust vocabulary instruction1
Robust Vocabulary Instruction
  • Choosing a Read Aloud
  • Reading Street read alouds
  • Choose 3 read aloudsfrom each unit (follow pacing
  • guide)
  • Spend 2 Weeks on each read aloud
  • Choosing 5-7 Robust Vocabulary Words
    • Reading Street Amazing Words
    • Select 5-7 Words that students will learn to MASTERY!
robust vocabulary instruction2
Robust Vocabulary Instruction:
  • Word Masters
  • Week 1: Monday-Tuesday
  • Fetzer Supplementary Handout
  • Explicitly Teach each Robust Vocabulary Word-
  • Provide student-friendly definition
  • Provide Total Physical Response (TPR)
  • Provide a simple drawing
  • Students practice saying/doing TPR for all words
robust vocabulary instruction3
Robust Vocabulary Instruction
  • Creating Story Blasters
  • Week 1: Wednesday-Thursday
  • Team-created story using the 5-7 Words
  • Fetzer Supplementary Handout
  • Teacher-Modeled Writing Activity-
  • Robust vocabulary words practiced in a different context
  • Used to teach, reinforce, & practice language standards: conventions and grammar
robust vocabulary instruction4
Robust Vocabulary Instruction
  • Reading Story Blasters
  • Week 1: Friday
  • Fetzer Supplementary Handout
  • Whole Class Vocabulary Practice Activity-
  • Read Story Blaster in a unique way
  • Half the class: Readers
  • Half the class: Definers
  • Switch roles
robust vocabulary instruction5
Robust Vocabulary Instruction
  • Creating a Movie Script
  • Week 2: Monday-Tuesday
  • Fetzer Supplementary Handout
  • Fetzer Workbook Grades 2-3: Pages 21-29
  • Fetzer Workbook Grades 4-5: Pages 23-27
  • Teams create a Movie Script using the 5-7 words
  • Teacher-Created Movie Script Activity-
  • Draw Beginning – Middle – End
  • Add vocabulary words & labels
  • Students retell & act out numerous times
robust vocabulary instruction6
Robust Vocabulary Instruction
  • Vocabulary Anchor Chart
  • Week 2: Tuesday or Wednesday
  • Fetzer Supplementary Handout
  • Vocabulary Anchor Charts – NOT Added to Existing Word Walls
  • Classroom Vocabulary Resource Activity-
  • Separate anchor charts: (nouns – verbs – adjectives)
  • Resource for student use during writing
robust vocabulary instruction7
Robust Vocabulary Instruction
  • Practicing the Movie Script
  • Week 2: Wednesday - Thursday
  • Fetzer Supplementary Handout
  • Fetzer Workbook Grades 2-3: Pages 21-29
  • Fetzer Workbook Grades 4-5: Pages 23-27
  • Practice 4-6 Times During the Day (“Line-Ups”)
  • Vocabulary Practice in Context Activity-
  • Students retell & act out the movie script
  • Wording will change and be fluid
  • Robust Vocabulary is practiced in context of a story
robust vocabulary instruction8
Robust Vocabulary Instruction
  • Homework
  • Week 2: Wednesday- Thursday
  • Fetzer Supplementary Handout
  • For Vocabulary Practice - Not for a Grade
  • Vocabulary Practice in Context Activity-
  • CLOZE Activity with Story Blaster
  • Retelling Movie Script
  • Writing Movie Script
  • Writing a new Story Blaster
robust vocabulary instruction9
Robust Vocabulary Instruction
  • Movie Script Collection
  • Week 2: Friday
  • Fetzer Supplementary Handout
  • Review Past Robust Vocabulary
  • Vocabulary Practice in Context Activity-
  • Add week’s Movie Script to collection
  • Practice past Robust Vocabulary in prior movie scripts
reading street unit 4 week 1 grade 3
Reading Street – Unit 4, Week 1, Grade 3

“The Man Who Invented Basketball…..”

  • Recommended Amazing Words
  • Audition
  • Duet
  • Ecstatic
  • Idle
  • Mock
  • Potential
  • Solo
  • Verge


  • Five-seven robust vocabulary words (Tier Two words) to begin with.
  • Words that are not unique to specific disciplines.
  • Words that students will frequently encounter.

Goal for students is MASTERY!

word masters

Word Masters




4. __verge________________

story blaster example
Story Blaster Example
  • It started on a sunny winter day at my house. I was for once ecstatic about taking my math facts test at school, because I had studied the night before. I knew if I passed my test I would get to go to a movie that weekend.
  • As I got ready for school that morning, I kept repeating my math facts to myself. My older brother started to mock me which really made me mad. My mother hurried me into our car which she had let idle to warm up the engine. The car started out of the driveway when it chugged and stopped. I was worried that I would not get to school on time to take my test, and I was on the verge of breaking into a cold sweat from being so nervous.
story blaster example cont
Story Blaster Example (cont)
  • My mother started the car up and drove me to school. I was on time!!
  • I took my math facts test and got all the problems right. I guess my mother was right when she said I had the potential to learn the math facts.

Essential for

Students’ Writing