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Marketing Consulting & Training PowerPoint Presentation
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Marketing Consulting & Training

Marketing Consulting & Training

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Marketing Consulting & Training

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  1. Use Your Potential! Marketing Consulting & Training

  2. What isProBiz? • ProBiz is aninternational association of marketing consultants. • Members of ProBiz are distinct Bulgarian and German marketing professionals. • Through ProBiz we bundled our marketing experience and know-how for the sake of our clients. • ProBiz is registered in Germany.Our head office is situated in Frankfurt am Main.

  3. What Can ProBizDo for You? • ProBiz(Pro Business) means „for the benefit of business“. Professional marketing is our inspiration and we intend to inspire you as well. • Let us lead your business in Bulgaria to the top. Use your potential!

  4. Sales and marketing training is vital to the success of your business in Bulgaria! Contemporary marke- ting and sales practices are new for this country. However, people are curious to know them. By improving the qualification of your employeesyou will not only enhance their efficiency but also their loyalty to the company. We will help you to improve the marketing and sales skills of your team. We offer you trainings with proven local practical value. Our highly qaulified trainers have gained their know-how practical experince in Western Europe as well as Bulgaria. You define training goal and topic and we do the job. Use your potential! Personnel Training

  5. Marketing Concept for Your Business • We will assist you in designing an overall marketing concept for your business in Bulgaria. It isn‘t hard to acheive your objectives in respect to turnover, market share, margin, positioning, image etc. • The market is there – just grab it! Use your potential!

  6. Courage and vision are dis- tinct features of every enter- preneur. No successfull enterpreneur, however, gambles or experiments with his business! Our marketing research will supply you with all relevant data, enabling you to make the right decision. Use your potential! Marketing Research

  7. Branding • We will analyse the core values and strenths of your brand in order to position it profitably in Bulgaria . As a result it will become the preferred brand on its segment. • Bulgarian consumers do not buy products either - they buy brands. From now on, they will prefer your brand. Moreover, your strong brand will be resistant to attacks by competi tors such as price dumping. Use your potential!

  8. Merely a product available and visible at the POP can be purchased. Do you possess an efficient sales force to push your brands through the distribution pipe- lines and take care of proper merchandising? Are your brands present in all important distribution channels? We will assist you in establishing a highly efficient sales force and improving your distribution system. There is demand for your brands in Bulgaria – just go and get it! Use your potential! Efficient Sales and Distribution

  9. Advertisement, Sales Promotion and PR Strategy • Through advertisement, sales promotion and PR you will establish your brand on the Bulgarian market. Be top of mind! • Together we will disign the strategy for your promotion in order to make it be the engine of successful sales. Use your potential!

  10. Take from us the key to the Bulgarian market! 1606 Sofia Skobelev Bul. 48 phone(02)852 3459 Use your potential! Home