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British National Party

British National Party

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British National Party

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  1. British National Party By: Jake Z. and Rylie B.

  2. Ideology • The British National Party (BNP) is a far right political party in the UK. • The BNP platform is centered on keeping the immigrants from areas outside of the UK out of the UK, saying that everyone benefits even themselves by leaving and returning to where they came from.

  3. Party Manifesto • One of their goals is to restore British industry and build the nation’s infrastructure to constitutional reform in order to guarantee the people’s liberties and freedoms. • They also believe in anti-immigration rhetoric, advocate capital punishment for serious offences, and oppose same-sex marriage and what it perceives as the Islamification of the United Kingdom • They are considered by many to be fascist, though they deny the title.

  4. Current Leaders • Originally formed by John Tyndall • Currently lead by Nick Griffin

  5. Main Supporters • They are very criticized in the British community. They have been shot down by The Royal British Legion as well as the prime minister, David Cameron. Many of the criticisms come from the fact that they embody many fascist beliefs. • Though they do not have many supporters and have failed to receive any seats in the European Parliament, their ideas have lead to many sub groups made of former BNP members.

  6. Ashley Cole & Katie Sarris

  7. Ideology “The Conservative Party has always stood for personal liberty, democracy, and the rule of law.” - The Conservative Foundation • Support free market economy • Support continued union of Great Britain and Northern Ireland • Promote the retaining of traditional social institution • Believes in a well ordered society based on individual responsibilities

  8. Main Policy Positions • Raise the inheritance tax threshold, reverse the proposed National Insurance rise, freeze council tax, and increase NHS spending • Directly-elected police commissioners • New academy schools • Power to veto council tax rises through local referendums • Right for communities to buy their local post offices

  9. Current Leaders • David Cameron- Prime Minister • Vice Chairmen- Sarah Newton, Wendy Morton, Rebecca Harris, Alan Lewis, Geoffrey Clifton-Brown, Alok Sharma, Richard Harrington, Bob Neill, Michael Fabricant • Party supported by the hard working middle class

  10. Members in Parliament • House of Commons= 304/650 • House of Lords= 208/764 • Local/Regional Members= 8550/21,871

  11. Democratic Unionist Party By: Jessica Pittman and LeevzValcin

  12. Ideologies • Creationism, the belief that the universe and living organisms originate from specific acts of divine creation, as in the biblical account, rather than by natural processes such as evolution. • Strongly oppose homosexuality • Opposed to increasing the powers of the European Union (Eurosceptic).

  13. Manifesto • Want to strengthen their relationship within the United Kingdom • Fix education • Increased spending on health • More jobs • Strengthen unionism • Tougher prison sentences

  14. Members Current Leader: Right Honorable Peter Robinson MLA *has been an executive member of the DUP since 1973 38 members in the regional Parliament, Northern Ireland assembly. 8 members in Westminster. Main Supporters.. • rural, Evangelicals • urban secular working class

  15. United Kingdom Green Party By: Andrew Clark Nolan English Davis Johnson

  16. Ideology and manifesto • Green Party Ideology: committed to providing wellbeing and prosperity for everyone – while incorporating nature • Believes in making jobs and households energy-efficient • Focuses on renewable energy sources, a free and fair society and public services (non-profit) • The party supports welfare and pensions for all, animal protection, and equality of sexes – just to name a few • In short, they want our finite natural resources to be protected and distributed fairly among all

  17. Current leaders & supporters • Leader: Natalie Bennett. –elected leader Sep. 2012 • Green Party Deputy Leader: Will Duckworth • Eco-socialist party (Left Wing) • Supported by lower-class citizens -Why? Increasing minimum wage for all, equal welfare and pensions for ALL, • Not supported by upper-class citizens -Why? 50% income-tax on >$100,000 gross income

  18. Parliament Members & Representatives • Has only one parliament seat • 140 regional /national representatives throughout 43 different cities and districts

  19. Josh Havrilla, Josh Birdsell, BogdanCioanta

  20. Social Democratic • Free Market Policy • Strong support of trade unions • No longer “Socialist” Party Ideology

  21. Protect investment in childcare, schools, NHS, and Police • Guarentee 18-24 year olds a job, work experience or training if unemployed for more than 6 months. • Alternative Voting System for House of Lords. Party Manifesto

  22. Ed Milibend (Chairman of Party) Current Leader

  23. Trade Unions • Scottish Socialist Party Main Supporters

  24. 257 of 650 seats in House of Commons • 216 of 788 seats in House of Lords • 8151 of 21871 in Local Government Member of Parliament

  25. Liberal democrats Caroline Filan, Callie Galfas, Amanda baron

  26. Manifesto • “The Liberal Democrats are working for a stronger economy in a fairer society enabling every person to get on in life.”

  27. Ideology • “The Liberal Democrats exist to build and safeguard a fair, free and open society, in which we seek to balance the fundamental values of liberty, equality and community, and in which no one shall be enslaved by poverty, ignorance or conformity.” • Within party, there are two ideologies (social liberals and economic liberals)

  28. Party Leaders and Membership • Leaders • Nick Clegg—Leader and Deputy Prime Minister • Tim Farron—MP and Party President • Members in Parliament • 55 in House of Commons • 89 in House of Lords • 12 in European Parliament • 2,550 in Local Governments • Supporters • Middle class, highly educated people

  29. Tristan Snow Drew Harnett Paxton Alexander

  30. Ideology • Socialist Party • Goal to Unite Ireland, North and South, back to its former glory • Counter Cyclical- Save in the good times, spend in the bad times • Caution against a reliance on foreign direct investment

  31. Manifesto and Policy • Agricultural Rural Regeneration • Lower costs of Childcare • Develop cultural and tourist industry • Promote Gaelic and Irish Traditions • Government facilitated Economy- Robust • Teach Irish Language

  32. Leaders and Supporters • Gerry Adams 1983-Present • Ireland, Northern Ireland, and most other Irish • Other Irish • Socialist Irish • More Irish • Maybe some others- International NGO’s *Sinn Féin has 5 of the 18 Northern Irish seats in the House of Commons, 29 out of 108 in the devolved Northern Ireland Assembly, 17 of 226 seats in the Irish Legislature

  33. Social Democratic Labour Party By: Danielle and Kaelyn

  34. Ideology and Party Manifesto • Ideology • Social Democracy and Irish Nationalism. • Greater protection for rural communities and greater environmental standards. • Abolition of 11+ exams • Party Manifesto • Advocates Irish reunification and further devolution of powers. • Consent- constitutional status is a result of majority agreement of the people in Northern Ireland.

  35. Leaders and Supporters • Current Leader- Alasdair McDonnell (since 2011) • 14 members in Regional Parliament (of 108), and 3 members in National Parliament (of 649) • Supporters • Nationalist (Catholic) population

  36. The Plaid Cymruparty By: Jack Thompson, Grey Davis, and The wizard of oz(Nick Pasquerello)

  37. Party ideology • Promotes constitutional advancement. • Independent of the EU. • Focus on natural environment: economy, social, and health. • Equal citizenship. • Bilingual society. • Join the United Nations

  38. Party’s manifesto/ Current Leaders • Support local economies • Independence for each community for Wales. • Leanne Wood- Party Leader (2012) • DafyddWiggley- Honorary Party President (2001) • LefnyLlwyd- UK Parliament Group Leader • Jill Evans- European Parliament Group Leader • Rhuanedd Richards- Chief Executive

  39. Supporters • Young voters • The people of Wales Members in Parliament • 3 in House of Commons • 2 in House of Lords • 11 of 60 in the Wales National Assembly (regional)