Connected vehicle program dynamic mobility applications
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Connected Vehicle Program – Dynamic Mobility Applications. Highlights for Tech Scan Scrum. Research Scope. Apps that exploit multi-source data from travelers, vehicles and infrastructure. Develop apps that improve “dynamic decision making” by system managers and users.

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Research scope
Research Scope

  • Apps that exploit multi-source data from travelers, vehicles and infrastructure.

  • Develop apps that improve “dynamic decision making” by system managers and users.

  • Identify innovative forms of wireless connectivity in support of mobility apps

  • Improve capability of transpo system to provide safe, secure, and reliable movement of goods and people.

Research objectives
Research Objectives

  • Mulitiple, multi-modal applications leveraging multi-source data.

  • Commercialization of applications.

  • Applications demonstrate cost-effective and significant mobility and productivity benefit.

Research questions
Research Questions

  • Are cross-modal applications effective? Which are best for deployment?

  • What minimum infrastructure is needed for maximum benefit?

  • What apps can be developed using data available today and with future data?

  • Which apps require public and/or private sector investments?

3 phase work program overview
3-Phase Work Program Overview

  • Phase 1: Foundational Analysis.

    • Canidate apps and “data environments,” DCM coordination, prototype app, open-source process, and performance metrics.

  • Phase 2: Tool Development.

    • App ITS program relevancy, proof-of concept, simulated test beds, and open-source development.

  • Phase 3: Focused Deployments.

    • Promising apps considered for pilot deployment. Strong evaluation focus in this phase.

Roadmap tracks
Roadmap tracks

0. Program Support

  • Stakeholder Engagement

  • Mobility Applications Research and Development

    • Sub-Tracks: Technical, Intuitional and Policy, and Standards

  • Proof of Concept Tests

  • Demonstrations

  • Evaluation and Performance Measures

  • Outreach and Technology Transfer

Dma app framework enableatis
DMA App framework: EnableATIS

  • Enable Advanced Traveler Information System

  • Two operational scenarios possible: laissez-faire, incremental build-out approach, or robust, multimodal, multisource traveler information environment

  • Project Goals

    • Transform the user experience on the transportation network

    • Transportation networks will experience measureable gains in performance (mobility, safety, efficiency)

    • Robust traveler information suite enabled through data environment: public sector system and operations data, transportation network ops, and user data from privately operated systems.

Dma app bundle fratis
DMA App Bundle: FRATIS

  • Freight Advanced Traveler Information Systems

  • Two apps:

    • Freight Specific Dynamic Travel Planning and Performance

    • Drayage Optimization

  • One basic open source, and one commercial app

  • Three sites for demos: LA gateway, DFW, and South Florida

Dma app bundle inflo
DMA App Bundle: INFLO

  • Intelligent Network Flow Optimization

  • Apps address queue warning and detection and speed harmonization.

  • Three applications:

    • Queue Warning (Q-WARN)

    • Dynamic Speed Harmization (SPD-HARM)

    • Cooperative Adaptive Cruise Control (CACC)

Dma app bundle mmitss
DMA App Bundle: MMITSS

  • Multi-Modal Intelligent Traffic Signal Systems

  • Aims to optimize traffic signal control

  • Wifi/3G/4G targeted to provide ped/bike coverage

  • Apps:

    • Intelligent Traffic Signal System (ISIG)

    • Transit Signal Priority (TSP)

    • Mobile Accessible Pedestrian Signal System (PED-SIG)

    • Emergency vehicle pre-emption (PREEMPT)

    • Freight signal priority (FSP)

Dma app bundle r e s c u m e
DMA App Bundle: R.E.S.C.U.M.E.

  • Detect and assess incidents. Push information to evacuees and model evacuation flows

  • Apps:

    • Incident Scene Pre-Arrival Staging Guidance for Emergency Responders (RESP-STG)

    • Incident Scene Work Zone Alerts for Drivers and Workers (INC-ZONE)

    • Emergency Communications and Evacuation (EVAC)

    • Advanced Automated Crash Notification Relay (AACN-RELAY)