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The Beloved Beatles PowerPoint Presentation
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The Beloved Beatles

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The Beloved Beatles - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Beloved Beatles

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  1. Blog: THE BELOVED BEATLES The fact that still there is so many books that name Beatles as "the greatest or most influential or most significant “rock band” stands testimony to the actual, wildfire popularity of this band. The Beatles were admired more than anyone else; therefore there must have been something about them that was great. Jazz critics grew up listening to a lot of jazz music in the past, classical critics grew up listening to the classical music prevalent in the past. The critics of rock are usually unaware of the rock music of the past; they hardly know the best sellers. Thank God for the Beatles since they did anything worthy of being saved. Since the time Beatles were disbanded, there have been many tribute bands in Philadelphia, productions and shows completely dedicated to carrying on the legacy that Beatles have left behind. Starting from the local cover bands and ending at national tours. In a place like Los Angeles, there are several shows that pay tribute to The Beatles by recreating that concert experience for the audience today.Sgt. Peppers Beatles Tribute is the most authentic Beatles concert experience you will find in Los Angeles. There is something fated and eerily transient about the Beatles seeing how only seven years of global uproar would conclude in a disbandment, leaving the world asking for more.Their greatest hit single, Hey, Jude is a song of guidance and counsel, where the common and most sensible opinions are given by one friend to another who has got his head in a love affair.Even today the world dances to the tunes of the Beatles, and sings Love Me Do.