Heroes and villains
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Heroes and Villains. By Jacob Molina 9/7/11 3 rd pd. Superman.

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Heroes and villains

Heroes and Villains

By Jacob Molina


3rd pd


  • Superman is a comic book hero. He is a hero because he helps and saves people. He has super powers such as flying, strength, and laser vision. He is compassionate, and fights villains to protect people. He comes from another planet but still protects the humans even though he isn’t one of them. He feels he needs to protect them form evil.


  • A real life hero is a firefighter because they risk their lives to save real people in danger. Being a firefighter is a very dangerous job because at any moment something can go wrong and they may lose their life. They save complete strangers lives everyday not just as a job but as volunteers. Which makes them much more of heroes because no body asks them to help the community.


  • Magneto is a comic book villain in x-men. He is a villain because he believes the humans want to kill the mutants. So he tries to kill all the humans and bring the mutants to power. He puts people in harms way if they try to stop him and sometimes even kills mutants who come in his way.


  • Real life villains are murderers because they take innocent people’s lives. They do not have the right to kill other people. All of the these murderers are crazy because they are usually on drugs at the time. So they are delusional when they kill people, but some murderers kill people when they are angry at them. Some murderers even kill people because they like to see people get hurt.


  • Beowulf is a hero because he is willing to put his own life in danger for others. He fights for the greater good even though he is out numbered.


  • Grendel is a vicious monster that kills innocent people and destroys cities. He eats people…alive.

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