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Customer service in Digital era

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Customer service in Digital era - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Customer service in Digital era. Challenges & tips. Emergence of digital era. Digital era is here to stay This has revolutionalised individual and group communication Sharing information happens at the speed of light Customer has more information than earlier

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emergence of digital era
Emergence of digital era
  • Digital era is here to stay
  • This has revolutionalised individual and group communication
  • Sharing information happens at the speed of light
  • Customer has more information than earlier
  • Customer has become more and more diligent
    • evaluates options before committing purchase
  • Customer has become impatient; wants results than excuses; Not willing to wait
role of social media
Role of social media
  • Social media is now often used for arriving at opinion about products and services
  • Consumers refer user generated reviews online through sites such as
  • Expert opinions based on objective data can also be accessed
  • Such sources generate online warning about the quality of a product or service
  • Unhappy consumers broadcast their displeasure through social media which has a big reach
use of social media by customers
Use of social media by customers
  • Watch this vide about poor service in PO which is circulation in youtube
  • This is what happens when the service is poor
some statistics
Some statistics
  • An online opinion poll shows that
    • 26% of the customers say they have used the social media to find details of a company and its products
    • 75% of BRB customers say they rely on the word of mouth, including social media for making purchase decisions
some tips
Some tips
  • Reduce the need for social media feedback
  • Make sure your customer knows how to reach you
    • Customers prefer to use direct contact and use social media only to vent frustration
improve customer service
Improve customer service
  • Aim to build a general good perception about the organisation
  • This reduces the instances for accessing the social media
  • Repeated failures in customer service results in a high percentage of customers venting their anger in social media
  • So, social media can make or break a business
meet timelines
Meet timelines
  • Be sensitive to customer’s timelines
  • Be on schedule in serving customers
  • Improve customer convenience through add-ons (tracking, MIS for corporate customers etc.,)
  • Never make the customer miss routines to access the services
train employees
Train employees
  • Publish vision and ensure every employee works around the vision
  • Reinforce and repeat the objectives through frequent training and workshops
  • Encourage employees to work ahead of the competition and strive to exceed industry standards (Ex: Maximise D+1 in speed post delivery)
  • Discourage employees to build parity with the worst performing competitors
  • Keep employees informed; Use online communication to reach out