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Help The Schools PowerPoint Presentation
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Help The Schools

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Help The Schools - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Help The Schools

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Help The Schools

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Help The Schools

How would you like to have the opportunity to give back to the community? Well now you can! We are going to pick up the trash around the local school. We would like you to come and help protect your children from litter. They will also have a less chance of getting sick and a better chance of learning. We will be meeting at the middle school at 4:00 Pm. We would like you to give at the least 1 hour of your time a week to help your local school.



  • 1. Do you feel better knowing that your child/family members won't be picking liter up at school?
  • 2. Has your child/family member had a problem with liter before?
  • 3. Now when you see liter on the ground do you pick it up?
  • 4. Are you willing to help the groups clean the schools?
  • 5.Do you liter a lot yourself?

We decided to pick Help the school because we wanted to help schools protect children from the effects of litter like illnesses, cuts from broken glass. What we want to do is get people to volunteer to work at least 1 hour a week to help clean the outside of the school and the playgrounds. The trash we pick up the recyclable things would be recycled, and the things that could be composted would be composted and the rest would be thrown away. So we are not just helping the school we would be helping the planet too. We could do all of this by putting time and hard work in to it.