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The Schools’ Independent PowerPoint Presentation
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The Schools’ Independent

The Schools’ Independent

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The Schools’ Independent

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  1. The Schools’ Independent • ABDULLAH SUJEE (MR) • JOHANNESBURG MUSLIM SCHOOL • GR.10 - 12 / ENGLISH • • 082 562 6098 • Community, Collaboration and Content The Millennium of the Media Presented by Mr.Abdullah Sujee

  2. A Brief History 1.It began in 2004 2. There was 5 publications 3. It was distributed nationally 4. Distributed internationally (2 schools) 5. LEARNERSHIPS NQF LEVEL 4 CERTIFICATE Presented by Mr.Abdullah Sujee

  3. What is the Future with News? The future is CITIZENSHIP JOURNALISM - a borrowed phrase from the Highway Africa Conference held in Grahamstown in September 2008. Do you recall the tragedy of the man in Rosebank who died when the building collapsed on his vehicle? Believe it or not, it was recorded by a passerby. The images were authentic and it was newsworthy. The point is: with the techno-hype, journalists invariably cannot be so quick on the scene. Presented by Mr.Abdullah Sujee

  4. Citizens are ‘journalists’ We need to refine their writing & reporting skills. The demand is that we want news fast and ordinary people on scene can do the job but; its needs refinement! Presented by Mr.Abdullah Sujee

  5. Citizenship Journalism Immerse your school in T.V. RADIO The world of Media Public Platforms NEWSPAPERS INTERNET PILOT 2009 - 2010 Presented by Mr.Abdullah Sujee

  6. Citizenship Journalism… Phase 1 Phase 2 Phase 3 Professional growth of journalistic skills as a means to establishing a career niche in the world of media. Entry point is gr.10 Pupils attain certificate over an 18 month period that began in phase 1 i.e. Pupils entry level = gr.10 up to gr. 12. In principle courses will end in term 1 of the gr.12 year. Pupils exit school with a certificate that would enable them to enter to the job market. They would be skilled and more able to be self-reliant. It adds to the school’s image. Content Presented by Mr.Abdullah Sujee

  7. Get the picture? 200 learners will be part of the Learnership. The Budget is R2,000,000.00 TWO MILLION RANDS. Each learnership valued @ R12,000.00 Each school will produce its own newspaper. Each pupil will have their own PORTFOLIO of evidence that will be assessed by the NGO SETA. All work will meet SETA ETQA requirements. Knowledge Quest will be the assessors. The School becomes a ‘media playground.’ Teachers in schools will facilitate the process and will be paid an incentive by the NGO/SETA. Community Presented by Mr.Abdullah Sujee

  8. Establish Journalism in Schools Unit Standards = benchmarks The Schools’ Independent NQF LEVEL 4: CERTIFICATES Marketing Management NQF L 4 Project Management NQF L 5 & 7 IN 2010 Project Management NQF L. 4 Project Support NQF L.3 Content Presented by Mr.Abdullah Sujee

  9. Parallel Developments 2010 and beyond... Dept. Of Education – current discussion to implement this Learnership in all schools. Website – online journalism = endless! Presentation1.ppt Presented by Mr.Abdullah Sujee

  10. Collaborating partners... Services SETA - Mr. Ivor Blumenthal Knowledge Quest – Deonita Damons FC & Associates. Mr.Rashid Chopdat State & Independent Schools - Principals Mr.Abdullah Sujee