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BUDDHA: • A person who perceives within his own life the essence, or reality of life • This ultimate reality supports and nourishes humanity and all other living beings • Those who have perceived this ultimate reality inherent in their own lives truly know themselvesBODHISATTVA: • Those who truly strive for the sake of others • The power, which infuses them with the desire to help others, is the impartial and infinite compassion of the Buddha called jihi

Shakyamuni gautama sidhartha
Shakyamuni (Gautama Sidhartha)

  • One person’s search for a solution to human suffering

  • After years of strenuous effort, he experienced a profound enlightenment to the essential nature of reality

  • He spent the rest of his life traveling throughout India to share with people the insight he had gained (Sutras)

  • His last 8 years were spent teaching the Lotus Sutra, which contains the key message that Buddhahood – a condition of absolute happiness, freedom from fear and from illusions – is inherent in all life


Everyone has potential to attain Buddhahood in this life time, in one’s present form, by chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo


Lotus Sutra proclaims the Buddha nature inherent in all human beings

Soka Gakkai: Nichiren Buddhism spreads throughout the world


Lotus Sutra – enlightenment is possible for all people


3000 realms in a single moment of life


500 BC





2000 AD


190 Countries & Territories




Sri Lanka


South East Asia

Nam myoho renge kyo

Nam ~ to devote oneself; correct action one needs to take and attitude one needs to develop to attain Buddhahood in this life time

Myoho ~ the Mystic Law; very essence of life which defies intellectual understanding, and its tangible manifestations

Renge ~ lotus flower; simultaneity of cause and effect – we create our destiny and we can change it

Kyo ~ sutra, the voice or teaching of the Buddha; sound, rhythm, or vibration; continuity of life throughout past, present, and future


Human revolution
Human Revolution

  • The liberation of the spirit from within

  • Continual process of renewal and invigoration, the development of one person’s boundless inner capacity to lead a creative and contributive life through his or her own effort

  • “A great revolution in a single individual will help achieve a change in the destiny of a society, and further, will enable a change in the destiny of humankind.” – Daisaku Ikeda