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BMJ Learning Product background Modules CME User training Dr. Kieran Walsh BMJ Learning November 2008. Overview. Problem Traditional medical education BMJ Learning Resources Improving practice and decision making Site demo. Problem. Acute coronary syndromes Diagnosis - tests

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Presentation Transcript
BMJ Learning Product backgroundModulesCMEUser trainingDr. Kieran WalshBMJ LearningNovember 2008
  • Problem
  • Traditional medical education
  • BMJ Learning
  • Resources
  • Improving practice and decision making
  • Site demo

Acute coronary syndromes

  • Diagnosis - tests
  • Local management
  • Drugs available
  • Now
we now have 2 problems coronary syndromes and traditional medical education
We now have 2 problems – coronary syndromes and traditional medical education
  • Passive
  • Variable quality
  • Variable evidence
  • Not up to date
  • Learning things you don’t need to know
  • Not learning things you need to know
  • One size fits all
  • Points driven
  • No training in team work
  • No training in communication skills
  • Training doesn’t change in response to users’ needs
  • People who really need training are least likely to go for it
  • People who don’t need training are most likely to go for it
  • Assessment not fit for purpose
bmj learning
BMJ Learning

Launched as a full service in 2004

  • Learning needs assessment/curricula
  • PDP
  • Learning resources
problem solving assess your learning needs
Problem solving: assess your learning needs
  • Six different types of assessment tool
  • Some involve self assessment, others require input from colleagues and patients
curriculum driven learning
Curriculum-driven learning
  • Junior doctors
  • Vast number of learning needs
  • Show the curriculum
  • Learning resources mapped to the curriculum
your plan and record
Your plan and record
  • A rucksack


  • Automatically records any learning needs discovered by needs assessment
  • Automatically records completed BMJ modules
  • Covers non clinical categories as well
  • Manual input of traditional CPD events
  • Keeps track of learning achieved and deadlines hit
  • It is confidential
charles dickens hard times
Charles Dickens – “Hard Times”
  • Facts
  • Think - learning outcomes
  • Content - - - Outcomes
  • On completion of the learning I will be able to competently diagnose and manage patients with acute coronary syndromes
learning resources
Learning resources
  • Interactive case histories
  • Just in time
  • Read reflect respond
  • Multimedia
  • Podcasts
interactive case histories how much will you remember in one month s time
Interactive case histories – how much will you remember in one month’s time?
  • preview what you are about to learn (P)
  • ask yourself questions that you would like to find the answers to (Q)
  • read the material (R)
  • recite the material to yourself (S) and
  • then test yourself by trying to recall the facts that you have learned (T).
just in time
Just in time
  • Are you still listening?
  • Bite sized chunks
  • Short evidence based review with assessment questions at the end – available when you need it
read reflect respond
Read reflect respond
  • Reflective learning
  • Ethical and professional issues
  • Reviews
  • Diagnosis
  • Simulation
  • C Difficile
  • Lectures to a wider audience
  • Your questions answered
what makes a good doctor
What makes a good doctor?
  • Knowledge, skills, attitudes, behaviours
  • Must have a combination – blended learning
  • JIT – knowledge
  • ICH - skills
  • RRR – attitudes
  • Multimedia - behaviours
  • Podcasts – knowledge and attitudes
  • Valid and reliable assessment
  • Multiple choice question
a 60 year old man
A 60 year old man

A 60 year old man complains of severe central chest pain.

His ECG shows ST elevation in II III and AvF.

What is the likely diagnosis?

  • myocarditis
  • heart burn
  • inferior myocardial infarction
  • chest wall pain
the way to a man s heart
The way to a man’s heart

The way to a man’s heart is through his…?

  • Aorta
  • Pulmonary vein
  • Pulmonary artery
  • Stomach
assessment questions
A 40 year old man comes to

see you with a rash on his


What is the most likely


Mycosis fungoides

Atopic eczema


Discoid lupus erythematosus

Assessment questions


80 000 modules completed


98 000 modules completed


130 000 + modules completed


“Excellent learning resource”

“ Great and just in time for me”

“I now realise my knowledge deficits”

“I will change my practice in light of this learning resource”

the evidence have you learned something
The evidence - have you learned something?

The pre-test and post-test scores are as follows:

  • Mean pretest score 66.2 (24.4)
  • Mean post-test score 94.3 (4.2)
  • Mean improvement in score: 28 (95% confidence interval 25.9 to 30.1, p value < 0.001)
  • Doing the module enabled users to improve their knowledge and skills by a statistically significant amount
an academic exercise or has it affected your clinical practice
An academic exercise or has it affected your clinical practice?
  • 70-80% have changed their practice or confirmed their correct practice as a result of their learning
  • 80% say they will change their practice as a result of their learning
learning resources1
Learning resources
  • BMJ Learning – commissioned authors/team
  • Clinical Evidence
  • BMJ
  • Heart
  • GUT
  • The EMJ
  • Journal of Clinical Pathology
  • Guideline-producer – the National Institute of Clinical Excellence
  • The National Patient Safety Agency
  • National Cancer Screening

This is who you are relying on.

learning resources improved care
Learning resources – improved care
  • Rheumatology – published in WBLPC
  • Cardiology – published in PMJ
  • NPSA – modules are now mandatory in some trusts
  • C Difficile in association with the Department of Health – part of induction in some trusts
cpd for doctors what is the future
CPD for doctors – what is the future?
  • Excellent learning content
  • Valid and reliable assessment
  • Registration
  • Getting tougher
  • Learning and clinical practice together
bmj learning1
BMJ Learning
  • Allows you assess your knowledge
  • Regularly updated
  • Changing in response to users needs
  • Any time, any place, anywhere!
  • Tangible proof you have learned something
  • Self-paced (save and exit)
  • Multimedia
  • Interactive
what you don t have to pay for
What you don’t have to pay for
  • Trainer accommodation
  • Trainer travel and subsistence
  • Learner accommodation
  • Learner travel and subsistence
  • Classrooms
  • Equipment
  • Off-the-job time
  • Print costs
content is king
Content is king

BMJ Learning content is

  • Reliable
  • Evidence based
  • Up to date
  • Comprehensive
coronary syndromes
Coronary syndromes
  • Find an answer online
site demo
Site demo
  • All content
  • Text and image modules
  • Simulation centre
  • Diagnosis
  • Patient safety
  • Podcast