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The Maze Runner

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The Maze Runner. Jack Hill, Louie Nader, Dawson Zabawa, and Trent Pister. SETTING.

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the maze runner

The Maze Runner

Jack Hill, Louie Nader, Dawson Zabawa, and Trent Pister


The Glade- The glade is a home for teenagers that are mysteriously sent to this place. This sky is bright, but there is no sun and there is never really any different weather. The kids are sent to the glade by elevator that they call the box. It is a metal lift that brings up supplies every week and a new teen every month. The glade surrounded by huge walls the open and close every night. It has a farm with animals which are mostly used for food. They also grow crops. It has many different parts like the homestead, blood house, cemetery, forest, and a farm. The glade is surrounded by a maze that changes every night which the try to solve.



The Map of the glade.


character alby
  • Alby-He is gusty and brave but not the smartest but he has been there for the longest time. Since he has been there for such a long time so he is a leader of all of the gladers. Alby got stung by griever and went through the changing. He is a minor character of the story and is a protagonist. Alby is also a dynamic character because he went through the changing after being stung.


character newt
  • Newt- Newt is an older kid who is about 17. He is a leader in the Glade. He is brave except when it comes to the maze. He is deathly afraid of the maze. He is protagonist because he doesn’t do anything risky. He is static because he didn’t change in the story. He is a minor Character.


character minho

  • Minho-He is the head of the runners and he is brave at times but he is not clutch in tight situations. When Minho was stuck in the maze he was scared and he gave up all hope. He is a minor character. He is a protagonist because he doesn’t do any thing to rebel against anyone. He is Dynamic. He changed because in the beginning of the story he was all brave in the maze then he became afraid when he was stuck in the maze.


character chuck

Chuck is a little ,short chubby kid. Most of the Gladers find him annoying. He is about 12 years old and was Thomas’s first friend. Chuck is a minor character. He is a static character because he doesn’t change in the story except when he dies. Chuck is a protagonist because he never does anything to effect the story in a bad way.


character thomas

  • Thomas is the main character, or major character of the story. He is about 16 years old. He is a dynamic character because he changes a lot through out the story. He is clutch and has good instincts in big moments. He is an antagonist because he causes a lot of ruckus in the Glade. Like when he ran into the maze before the walls closed.


  • Rising Action and Climax


rising action
Rising Action
  • Thomas arrives in the glade
  • Two newbie's arrive within two days and the 2nd one is a girl named Teresa.
  • Thomas feels a connection with Teresa.
  • Minho and Alby don’t come back after being in the maze looking for a dead griever.
  • Thomas jumps into the maze to save Minho and Alby.
  • Thomas and Minho defeat Grievers that are chasing them.
  • A meeting is held regarding what they should do with Thomas.
  • Thomas is elected as a runner.
  • Minho has to train Thomas.
  • Teresa tells Thomas she has triggered the end.
  • The sky turns grey which has never happened before.
  • They find the Greiver hole. This is where Greivers go during the day.
  • The doors don’t close that night at the Glade.
  • The Greivers come into the Glade.


  • The next night after they found the griever hole the doors didn’t close so the grievers could come into the glade. Everyone went into the homestead. Alby, Minho, Newt and Thomas were talking about the maps and Alby went to the map room and set it on fire but no one knew it was him. Shortly after Alby went to the map room Gally came to the homestead and said everyone is going to die 1 by 1 and started ripping slabs of wood so the grievers could come in and then he got taken by the grievers. After one more night one more person got taken then Thomas purposely got stung by a griever so he could recall his memory. Once he recalled his memory he figured out that the griever hole was the escape and he recalled that you have to compare the maps from section to section to get key words to type into a computer through the griever hole. Then once he does that the next day they make a plan to try to get everyone to come and help them escape.


climax 2
Climax 2
  • 41 people said they wanted to go but a couple didn’t want to go and wanted to stay back. Once they did that it was at night they all went into the maze to go to the griever hole but when they looked around the griever hole they saw twelve of the fifteen grievers surrounding the hole because the beetle bots told them the kids were trying to escape. Once they did that Alby, went running to the Grievers and they all stung him and he died. Then after that more grievers came to corner them and then they went after the griever hole. Thomas, Chuck, and Teresa went into the griever hole while everyone else was fighting. While Teresa was typing in the code a Griever fell down into the griever hole and Thomas fought it off. Then 2 more Grievers took Thomas by the leg but then Teresa typed in the last word of the code and shut down all the grievers. It also shuts down the world that they know of.


  • Man vs. Man- Throughout the book, Gally and Thomas don’t like each other. Thomas makes Gally so mad that he runs out of the maze. Later in the story, Gally tries to kill Thomas by throwing a knife at him. The conflict between Gally and Thomas is man vs. man.
  •  Man vs. Nature- In the maze runner, there are fierce creatures called Greivers. They are part animal part machine. Throughout the entire story, the Gladers stay away from the Greivers. This conflict is an example of Man vs. Nature.
  • Man vs. Self- Thomas fights with what he feels in The Maze Runner. When he sees the doors shutting, he runs into the maze even though everyone is telling him not to. He did what he thought was right. This is an example of man vs. self.


  • Resolution- Once they found the creators people came to rescue the gladers. They took them to a place were they would be safe and secure from the flare that was going on in the real world.


  • The theme of the Maze Runner is no matter what the circumstance is, do what you feel is right and never give up.


  • The mood of Maze Runner is dark and twisted.