Presentation on the environmental report for the vienna international centre
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Presentation on the environmental report for the Vienna International Centre - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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ÖKOPROFIT 2005. Presentation on the environmental report for the Vienna International Centre. United Nations Office at Vienna 24 April 2006. IAEA. UNIDO. central (common) services / areas. CTBTO. UNOV / UNODC. Introduction of the Enterprise. Individual Administration. Individual

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Presentation on the environmental report for the vienna international centre


Presentation on the environmental report for the Vienna International Centre

United Nations Office at Vienna

24 April 2006

Introduction of the enterprise





services / areas



Introduction of the Enterprise





Magnitudes / indicative figures

222,226 m2 VIC area(excl. garage and outdoor areas)

4,000 staff members

1,200 conference participants / visitors per day

€ 22 million (or $ 27 million)maintenance / utilitycosts per annum financed by the Organizations, e.g.

€ 99 (or $ 121) per m2/per annum





UNOV – United Nations Office at ViennaUNODC –United Nations Office on Drugs and CrimeUNIDO –United Nations Industrial Development OrganizationIAEA – International Atomic Energy AgencyCTBTO – Preparatory Commission for the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty Organization

Waltraud Jochum/UNOV

Environmental policy
Environmental Policy

  • Our attitude

    • Environmentally conscious behaviour

  • Our objectives

    • Healthy and safe working environment

    • Consideration of the impact on the environment

  • Our basis

    • General environmental laws and relevant regulations of Austria on waste disposal

    • Montreal Protocol (e.g. refrigerant of cooling systems)

    • Kyoto Protocol (re emissions)

  • Our programme

    • Focus on buildings maintenance

    • Focus on administration UNOV/UNODC

Waltraud Jochum/UNOV

Enterprise areas
Enterprise areas

  • VIC compound areas

    • Offices > > >

    • Conference Rooms

    • Labour

    • Print Shop

    • EDP Services > > >

    • Buildings Management > > >

    • Medical Service

    • Cafeteria, Restaurant

    • Commissary

    • Banks, Post Office, Newspaper Stand, Travel Offices

    • Child Care Centre

    • Garage

  • Project areas

    • Offices

    • EDP Services

    • Buildings Management

Waltraud Jochum/UNOV

Environmental profile
Environmental Profile

Waltraud Jochum/UNOV

Environmental profile1
Environmental Profile

Waltraud Jochum/UNOV

Waste management
Waste Management

Waltraud Jochum/UNOV

Environmental laws and directions
Environmental Laws and Directions

  • Environmental laws

    • Waste disposal according to ÖNORM 2100

    • Waste disposal by companies with official registration number

    • Certified waste managers in Buildings Management

  • Officially mandated conditions

    • None, as the V.I.C. is exterritorial area

    • Voluntary compliance with the general environmental protection laws of Austria

    • Proper separation, storage, disposal and transport of waste

Waltraud Jochum/UNOV

Environmental achievements and environmental programme
Environmental Achievements and Environmental Programme

  • Buildings Management Service (Details see Umweltbericht page 15 – 20)

    • Ecological measures

      • Savings in energy, water, chemicals; avoidance/minimization of waste and emissions; environmental benefits

    • Environmental achievements

      • Change-over of toilet flushing to well water

      • Renewal of the central buildings automation control system (e.g. air-conditioning)

      • Lowering of the inlet temperature of warm water

      • Replacement of the heat exchangers and air-condition to the latest technical status

      • Renovation / replacement of the elevator installations

      • Installation of meters for electricity, water and heating consumption

      • Exchange of paper towel dispensers with cloth towel rolls

      • Light intensity coupled with daylight and evening hours

      • Optimal regulation of the air-conditioning and automatic shutdown in the evening

      • Painting of the garage with reflective colours

      • Insulation of auxiliary buildings

      • Sorting and disposal of waste by 20 categories

    • Environmental programme

      • Improvement in correct separation of waste in the offices, e.g. separation of plastic bottles from office waste

      • Exchange of ceiling lights

      • Adaptation of the air-conditioning system (condensation water pipes)

      • Replacement of the carpet floor with cork floor

      • Exchange of the window panes with insulating glass with high insulation characteristics

Waltraud Jochum/UNOV

Environmental achievements and environmental programme1
Environmental Achievements and Environmental Programme

  • Administration

    • Ecological measures

      • Savings in paper consumption and energy

      • Avoidance of paper waste and toner cartridges

      • Environmental benefits and disposal of old devices


      • Change-over to electronic (paperless) offices in UNOV/UNODC

      • Yearly paper consumption at V.I.C. almost 100 million sheets (478,000 kg)

      • UNOV/UNODC approx. 24 million sheets (114,000 kg or 9,300 boxes a 2,500 sheets)

      • Target is reduction of 4 million sheets (19,000 kg or 1,550 boxes a 2,500 sheets)(= 17 %) in the yearly paper consumption in UNOV/UNODC in 2006

Material flow analysis at VIC

Waltraud Jochum/UNOV

Environmental achievements and environmental programme2
Environmental Achievements and Environmental Programme

  • Administration in UNOV/UNODC (Details see Umweltbericht page 18, 21 - 23)

    • Environmental achievements

      • Doubled-sided printing and copying

      • Change-over to flat screens with half the power consumption

    • Environmental programme

      Actions already set or still to be set towards an electronic (paperless) office

      • Integrated electronic workflow processes, e.g. for management information (IMIS), for enterprise resource planning for UNODC projects (ProFi), for recruitment (GALAXY), for reporting on budget programme performance (IMDIS) and alike constitute the on-line working platform in UNOV/UNODC

      • Administration / workflow processes on Lotus Notes platform

      • Electronic information circulars, administrative instructions etc. via Email and Intranet

      • Central electronic official documents archives (ODS)

      • Electronic scanning of incoming official correspondence for UNOV/UNODC

      • Electronic scanning and distribution of incoming invoices

      • Electronic receipt and sending of fax messages via PCs

      • Storage of conference documents and publications on CDs

      • Introduction of electronic signature

      • Introduction of an electronic documents filing / archiving system for offices

      • Proposal for purchase of recycled paper

      • Savings in toners by simple printing without background shadings

      • Motivation of staff to cooperate with a view to a paperless workflow and avoidance of waste

Waltraud Jochum/UNOV

Presentation on the environmental report for the vienna international centre


Waltraud Jochum/UNOV