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Introducing the INTERNATIONAL CENTRE for SCIENCE DIPLOMACY PowerPoint Presentation
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  1. International Centre for Science Diplomacy Introducing the INTERNATIONAL CENTRE for SCIENCE DIPLOMACY IC S D • A.Y. Atta, Ali Birang, G. Olimpioda Rocha, Lindiwe Gama, R.G. Hong, C.E.H. Matsumoto, Peter McGrath, BlerinaShkreta, Wei Liu • 8-13 June 2014, Trieste, Italy

  2. Idea • To establish the International Centre for Science Diplomacy IC S D

  3. Vision To be the premier centre in the world for the advancement of science diplomacy. OR • To be the world’s premier centre for the use of science diplomacy: for the advancement of science, for the improvement of international relations, and for sustainable development. IC S D

  4. Mission • To bring together scientific and diplomatic communities with civic societies to discuss, debate and resolve critical issues at the interface of science and politics. IC S D

  5. Rationale • To use science for strengthening relations where traditional diplomatic channels are strained; • To tackle cross-border issues such as climate change, water management, emerging diseases, etc; • To address the need for international collaboration when developing large-scale scientific infrastructure; • To ensure that science and technology are used to help achieve development goals (MDGs and SDGs). IC S D

  6. Rationale IC S D

  7. Aims • To build and maintain world class expertise in science diplomacy among the centre’s staff; • To be a hub for knowledge generation; • To contribute to the literature of science diplomacy; • To train human capital; • To discuss and debate issues at the interface of science and diplomacy and propose potential solutions; • To promote collaboration between countries; • To provide expertise that can help broker agreements. IC S D

  8. Challenges • Different nations have different approaches to the concept of science diplomacy; • Financial and human resources; • Support from stakeholders (commitment and representatives); • Governance structure; • Location of the centre; • Cultural, social and political differences. IC S D

  9. Benefits • Capacity building of human resources; • Addressing transboundary issues; • Timely, relevant and effective advice for the policy-makers; • Alternative ways of addressing problems suggested; • Improve relations between countries; • Promote public/private partnerships; • Promote excellence in science. IC S D

  10. Role of the scientific community • Both provider and receiver of knowledge; • Promoting and increasing diversity; • Organizations like IAP are expected to provide scientific expertise; • Collating and synthesizing scientific knowledge; • Engage with diplomatic community, NGOs and NGIs, etc; • Develop consensus recommendations; • Aim to increase the scientific literacy of the diplomatic community; • Raising awareness among the scientific community in science diplomacy. IC S D

  11. Role of the diplomatic community • Advise on necessary steps to be taken to realize the ICSD; • Understand and disseminate the concept of science diplomacy; • To provide the appropriate platform for the interaction among scientific communities; • To provide the appropriate platform for the scientific community to reach politicians/ministries/governments; • Aim to provide training in and increase awareness of diplomacy / science diplomacy issues among the scientific community; • To bridge between scientific and diplomatic communities. IC S D

  12. What steps are needed to implement the idea? • Consultations – including with the UN • Selection of management /governance mechanisms / staffing arrangements • Call for proposals – financial support, building etc • Selection of suitable host country • Establishment of the centre – global launch. IC S D

  13. Names and acronyms of the centre • International Center for Science and Diplomacy, ICSD: • Inorganic Crystal Structure Database. • International Committee of Sports for the Deaf. • International Classification of Sleep Disorders. • Ithaca City School District, USA. • Science and Diplomacy International Center, SDIC: • State Development and Investment Corporation, China • Singapore Deposit Insurance Corporation, Singapore. • School Districts Insurance Consortium, US. • San Diego Imperial Council, US. • Science Diplomacy Center, SDC: • Swingers Date Club • Swiss (Agency for) Development and Cooperation • Storage Developers Conference • Society of Dyers and Colorists • Science (and) Diplomacy , SD • Sexual Disease • Secure Digital • South Dakota • Science and Diplomacy, SAD • Sad as is not happy • Scienc e and Technology Diplomacy, STD. • Sexually Transmitted Disease. • S-T-D a Linux Based Security Tool ICSD SDIC STD

  14. Thank you! - from the Clubs team.