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Contents Analysis. Ellie Twaites. The contents page of this NME magazine has lots of information in it. This is to ensure the readers that the music magazine inlcudes a variety of stries and different articles about different artists in the music industry.

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contents analysis

Contents Analysis

Ellie Twaites


The contents page of this NME magazine has lots of information in it.

  • This is to ensure the readers that the music magazine inlcudes a variety of stries and different articles about different artists in the music industry.
  • The eye-catching, bold title clearly lets the audience know this page is the contents page.
  • The main story here is ‘THE END OF THE ASTORIA’ and has a large picture of London Astoria standing out and taking up majority of the page for the audience to see and get a rough understanding of what the story is about, attracting their audience.
  • On the left hand side of the page, there are a variety of different band names and it also gives you what page number they are on.

This magazine contents page I have selected is from Vibe magazine.

  • Vibe magazine is of R&B/Hip Hop genre. Firstly, the image of the scarcely dressed artist is covering half of the page, and is very bold.
  • The artist stands out and most of the majority of focus is drawn to his body, the amount of jewellery he is wearing shows his wealth and power, the tattoos he has shows him to be tough and marks experience.
  • The bold,white text on the red background firstly attracts the attention of the audience, but the also bold text of certain words throughout the contents, such as the artist’s names. The bold words are the main articles which what will be inside of the magazine.

The editor of this magazine uses a quirky and bubbly image of Katy Perry to make a unusual contents page.

  • This would catch the readers attention because the picture is very unique and the pose she is doing is very different and catchy.
  • The colour scheme consists of only a few colours. The red and white mushroom matches her outfit and this stands out when looking at the image first or quickly.
  • The contents title is in black writing and goes across the width of the page this also stands out on the white background
  • On the right hand side of the page, there are4 little subheadings with some information underneath, this tells us about what is inside the magazine and they are also the main stories. This gives the reader an insight about what the stories are about.

The editor of this magazine uses a variety of images on this contents page

  • This catches the readers attention because some people only look at pictures in magazines.
  • The images that are used make the magazine appeal to the target audience.
  • There is a clear rock and roll feel to this issue which appeals to the the particular target audience of this magazine’s genre.
  • There is short and snappy captions placed around the page which grab the attention of potential buyers for the magazine.
  • Also a bright yellow is the colour of the title ‘contents’ the same coour is used for the main story in the middle if the page. This makes both things stand out more to the audience.

There is a clear colour scheme on this page, the uses of grey, black and white clearly combine with each colour helping one of the other colours contrast another.

  • However on the page there is a red heart placed where Kanye West heart is in reality! This stands out to the audience because they would want to know why its there and therefore they would read on and find out,
  • The colour scheme involved with the writing is simple and follows a pattern of the title being a large font, bold and black colour to stand out on a grey/beige background, hence catching the eye of the audience.
  • Behind the image there is a large faded V thi is because the magazine is called vibe so they have included some of the magazine name in the contents page.

The editor of the magazine vibe uses a large image that is really modern and interesting, the pose is unique so this contents page would stand out from others.

  • The colour scheme stands out even though the colours are dull! The background of the page matches the women's dress and her shoes.
  • The title is always bold which makes readers clearly see that that is the contents page. Also picture tends to stand out more because of how big it Is and the colours blend in with the background.
  • Down the right hand side of the magazine there are different subtitles which are inside. Little bit of information gives the audience an idea as to what is side this issue.

The editor of the kerrang magazine makes the set up of this magazine neat and tidy and again maybe not what you would expect in quite a heavy metal rock magazine. The main image is soft and bright which s also a complete contrast to the genre.

  • The title is made to stand out on the block black rectangle and the bright yellow bold font. The black and yellows used are colours associated with the kerrang brand.
  • The articles are set up in a neat line on the right hand side of the page; this makes it easy to read and keeps the page looking tidy.
  • The other images used act as a frame to the main image making them stand out as well.

The editor of this magazine uses a long shot which shows both women in the picture with the same type of dress on with the same poses.

  • This is to catch the readers attention because it is a large photo and is the main focus on the page.
  • The page also lacks colour, this is to make the women stand out even more than they do!
  • These women show the R&B genre in the music industry when someone looks at this briefly they would 100% know that this is a R&B magazine.
  • The heading 'Contents' is different to other music magazines which could act as a symbol of difference to other music genres.



The editor of this magazine uses a range of colours. A bright red is used as headings and for numbers, this colour id used to make certain things stand out.

  • Q's old contents page follows all the codes and conventions when making a magazine. It is similar to a previous issue of NME; however the main image isn't as large and the column which lists what is in the magazine doesn't appear as forced to fit in.
  • The focus image is of a band, The Courteeners in the country on top of a hill as they pose in a shirt, t-shirts and jeans whilst the lead singer wear sunglasses to follow the rock and roll look.
  • The secound image located at the bottom in the middle is of the artist: Nick Cave in an expensive looking suit stood leaning on a pillar. By including a background it makes the picture more visually interesting than the stereotypical band in a studio wearing modern clothes, sunglasses looking cool.

This is a contents page from vibe magazine; the layout is very simple and stylish.There is very little text and instead a big picture to cover the page.

  • Mavado, a dancehall musician is the main aspect of this page as he is the only model in the image who is looking directly at the camera and is the closest to view. His face expression is emotionless, portraying his gangster image which he depicts in his music.
  • The posture of Mavado also helps to exaggerate the mood and back up the black and white colour scheme. The black and white colour scheme creates an effect on the audience.