apostrophes post test n.
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Apostrophes Post-Test

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Apostrophes Post-Test. What have you learned?. The Cheat Sheet. First determine if the item is singular (one) or plural (more than one). To show possession, apply the rule: -singular: ’s -plural: s’. The Exceptions. man man’s men men’s

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apostrophes post test

Apostrophes Post-Test

What have you learned?

the cheat sheet
The Cheat Sheet
  • First determine if the item is singular (one) or plural (more than one).
  • To show possession, apply the rule:

-singular: ’s

-plural: s’

the exceptions
The Exceptions
  • man man’s men men’s
  • woman woman’s women women’s
  • child child’s children children’s
which option is correct
Which option is correct?

The (book’s, books’) cover is torn. I may receive a fine when I return it to the library.

1- book’s

2- books’

which option is correct1
Which option is correct?

The (Wilson’s house, Wilsons’ house) is located at the end of Cherry Blossom Lane.

1- Wilson’s house

2-Wilsons’ house

which option is correct2
Which option is correct?

The woman sought out three (doctor’s, doctors’) opinions before she chose a treatment plan for her advanced cancer.

1- doctor’s


which option is correct3
Which option is correct?

The conference is attended by (scientists, scientist’s, scientists’) from all over the world.

1- scientists



which option is correct4
Which option is correct?

What should we choose as the (team’s, teams’) mascot? Jennifer wants a hawk, but I prefer a knight.

1- team’s


which option is correct5
Which option is correct?

The (childrens, children’s, childrens’) playroom was left a mess, with toys and games strewn all over the floor.




which option is correct6
Which option is correct?

Make sure that your (poem’s lines, poem’s line’s) are short enough when you submit the final draft.

1-poem’s lines

2-poem’s line’s