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First-Future Webs D ii

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First-Future Webs D ii
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First-Future Webs D ii

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  1. First-Future Webs D ii

  2. Šin Arabic ﺵ Syriac ܫ Hebrew ש Phoenician W The letter Sigma is the basis of Sin (Shin) letter 21 in Semitic Abjads and its name is linked with Samekh. SIN was the word for moon and later became linked with Shamash the sun.

  3. I A R A D M SAMK in Proto Siniac = Vine, Support, Tutor and Fish. So this is a 3 story version of MADIRA and takes us back to bread and wine in sacrifice. Similarly we can begin with MA. Then add DI. Then add RA and we have MADIRA the goddess of Wine. Cf Kanji for Earth, Saturday.

  4. Šamekh ܤ Syriac ܤ Hebrew ס Phoenician The letter Samekh is also the mystic knot.

  5. A A H S A K L A A M In the West the 3 threads are shifted 45 degrees in orientation, and the figure becomes a) the Phoenecian letter Samekh, b) the Papal cross.

  6. A A H S A K L A A M This same shift in orientation allows us to see that the lightning of the flaming sword of the Cabala is simply a light variation of the Indian rivers of life in the stars.

  7. A A B A K L A A Indeed if we merely change the letter S to the original letter B = Budha = Mercury then we see that we have the KA (CA) + BA +LA of CABALA. And without the female dimensions of H and M.

  8. A A A H S A H S A A K K L L A A A M A M If 9 threads + 1 = l life then a man and a woman have 9x 2 = 18 threads.

  9. In Hebrew the letters Chet and Yod = 10 + 8 = Chai = 18 = Life CHAI is 18 = Life.

  10. In Greek CHI is the 22nd letter of the alphabet and is combined with the Rho to create CHI-RHO and cities such as CAIRO.

  11. T P R A A A A In the context of our analysis we recognize it quite simply as a version of the PURUSA-PATARA tradition, which helps to explain why P and R became conflated.

  12. T P R A K Ku Kurus Kauravas P Pu Purus Pandavas K A A A This figure is a key towards a new reading of cultures.

  13. T H A B A K Ku Kurus Kauravas P Pu Purus Pandavas A R A A M These become the heroes of the MA + HA + BHA + RA +TA the story of two male clans of the Lunar Race.

  14. S T H A A Ω A H S A K U L A A M Ω Initially ASHTHAR was AUM and Alpha and O MEGA.

  15. As HERA she was literally the symbol of life itself. Sarcophagus Spring Equinox 21 March

  16. Ω Ω As a next step the inverted Female Omega becomes the horns of the Male Ram: Aries. Omega becomes part of Libra. aquabible/part5c.htm

  17. HERA the Queen of everything splits up:Female Male (S)HE + RA and her human equivalent then recombines: HE + RA + KL + ESHERAKLES = Hero of Hera

  18. Gradually the male claims to beAlpha and Omega Ω Ω A A

  19. Implicit in all this are the seeds for a new model of world cultures in 5 levels.

  20. Metaphysical

  21. Λ A Λ K Λ A The prime force is 1 with 3 forces leads to 3 kinds of seeds/eggs.

  22. The concept of 5 elements Earth, Water, Air, Fire, Ether generates the idea of Ether (ALAKSHA), the image of angels and A of AUM. Pancha-mahabhootas (five forces of nature) included (depicted graphically from below) earth, water, fire, air and ether (sky). freegraphics.html

  23. Uses Left Arm Right Arm Dark Uses Right Arm Left Arm Light Jupiter Saturn One Horn Two Horns Capricorn Sagittarius Sun Dominant Moon Dominant Gemini as a contract between Mitra and Varuna

  24. Varuna Mithra Male Female As the ideas go West the flowing system of Mitra in India becomes an opposition between male and female with Mithra, literally turning the cosmic model on its side.

  25. This leads to a queen + a king: Parvati and Siva (Hera and Zeus) wearing two crowns, entangled in stories relating to Aesculapius, Bacchus and Sacred threads.

  26. The Hebrew tradition turns the world a further 45 degrees. This meant that the South Pole became “Good” and the North Pole became “Bad.” Pisces (Cetus) linked with the beginning of life now becomes Ceta: Leviathan. Mithras/MithrasIntro.htm

  27. In India, the idea of the prime force generated the ideas of S SAT Sattwa Satya Yuga Saturn Saturday The link of SAT with the primal two gods AN was now dismissed as SATAN.

  28. In India, the combination of the S of Sarasvati, the Great Mother with the Ta of the Patara was seen as a union of heaven and earth, male and female. In Greece this union of S and T became Sigma. Now Sigma was redefined as Stigma. The symbolism of Draco around the North Pole was now Satan as a woman tempting Adam.

  29. A H S U > N M This figure contains the Greek letter Sigma which is letter 18 of the Greek alphabet subequently becomes Stigma.

  30. 2. Mental

  31. A N N P U R N A A M At the mental level this generates language, what the West calls LOGOS and the idea of special hyper links between the three worlds.