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By Samuel Fleming

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A life in the war as a colonists . By Samuel Fleming. By Samuel Fleming . Journal enetry 1.

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by samuel fleming

A life in the war as a colonists

By Samuel Fleming

By Samuel Fleming

journal enetry 1
Journal enetry1
  • Well I have lots of crops and a beautiful family but I can be called to war at any second. The food is well and healthy but nobody is trying to buy because of the war and money problems. I have a musket and a pocketknife which serves me well. Lobster backs are in Lexington I heard and there coming here in Concord. ‘ Pop ” James asked me ‘Can I come with you”. “No! Them ladybugs shoot your head right off’ I replied.
journal 1
Journal 1

It is very dangerous to be outside alone because them lobster backs army could be anywhere. Then it happened a man knocked on my door

“ There coming a whole lot of them “ I knew I grabbed my musket and gave my good Knife to James it might be the last I see of him then I left .Out the door and behind a tree then set up my weapons always remembering the sevenof us.

journal entry 2
Journal entry#2

The First day of war was tough I had ran out of ammo and my gun jammed frequently. I had a

good friend Ted and he was shot, it was friendly fire. He backed into a guy you see. I was standing right next to him I should have warned him. It was a very disturbing site men were wounded but lots more lobster back were killed. We lost 3 people they lost 33 so I see it as a win but nobody really likes war.

journal entry 3
Journal Entry #3
  • When I got back home there was so much damage that was done, windows broken, pictures destroyed and boys frighten. The three men who shall forever be remember Ted Gregory, Danny Mennen and Josh Bratty. Even though we won a battle people were still melancholy . The day is always uneasy or anxious but knowing that your protecting somebody you love is what makes it easier to put your life on the line.
out look
Out Look

I still see lots of lobsters but there running away life looks pretty good as long as I can stat alive