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Surbeck Center

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Surbeck Center
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  1. Surbeck Center GAF Funding Request Information for FY12

  2. The Student Center . . . A Project Unsurpassed in Importance “This Student Center will contribute much—very Much—to the social life, cultural development and out-of-class education of all student on the Mines campus for generations to come.” Guy March, Alumni Director In the Proposed Student Center fundraising booklet, November 1960 Student Union

  3. Auxiliary Services for the School of Mines include Surbeck Center, Bookstore, Dining Services (& Catering), and Residence Life. • Auxiliaries do NOT receive state money (no tax dollars). • Each individual auxiliary should be earning a profit and those profits then fund the “auxiliary pool.” • Bond payments, capital purchases, other significant needs are taken care of from the pool. • Historically, Surbeck Center has never operated “in the black” and continues to be a drain on the auxiliary pool (I refer to it as the Surbeck bail out). • Thanks to Student Association’s commitment to the success of Surbeck Center, the bailout amount has been decreasing on an annual basis. In 2004, we struggled to keep the bail-out at $60,000 or less. At the end of the 2010 fiscal year, the bailout was less than $20,000. This trend must continue as the Auxiliaries as a whole are committed to paying for the renovations that we’ve completed in Surbeck, Palmerton & Connolly in the past several years. • With the gift from the Hovens, we are addressing the replacement needs from the 2004 renovation (painting, flooring, etc), plus a few extras . . . the additional 50¢ GAF dedicated to M&R is essential to our continued ability to no longer defer maintenance needs. The Auxiliary Pool

  4. Auxiliary Pool Contributions

  5. Currently, 56% of Surbeck is student space, building space or GAF supported office space. • 15% of Surbeck is meeting room space • Other space allocations • Alumni Office 1% • Bookstore 8% • Dining 15% • Institutional Offices 5% Surbeck Space

  6. Salary and Benefits • ResLife covers all summer student staff expenses (approx 10K). • ResLife provided maintenance crew for fixes during summer and break periods (touch-up painting, etc).

  7. Travel • All Surbeck full-time staff are attending Cognitive Coaching seminar to be certified. Cognitive Coaching is an approach to customer service focused on helping people be self-directed thinkers. • Considering attending conference on conferencing services through ACUHO-I in the next FY.

  8. Operation & Maintenance • The BIG Bond/Reserve amounts are not included (Overall Auxiliaries are committed to $1,134,783). • Overhead costs for Auxiliaries as a whole increased this year; Surbeck’s share is included. • Utilities • Utility costs for Dining Services and the Bookstore are charged back to those areas and not included in this budget. • Utility costs are always a concern; a 6% increase is included here, which may not be enough. • ResLife and Surbeck share services with respect to office supplies and custodial services (this means that Surbeck gets a lot of FREE stuff via ResLife). In exchange, Surbeck provides exceptional customer service for package pick-up and information for dorm students.

  9. Capital Assets • Improvements for FY10-11 • Finished the plantings by the big SDSMT sign on St Joseph Street • Rec Center/SALC upgrades • VRC/Storage transition • Ballroom – stage upgrades (curtains/lighting) • Painting South Lounge and Rec Center/SALC areas • Flooring for various areas

  10. Revenue/Other Income • Room Rental—non-sponsored groups that use Surbeck pay room rent. • Scheduling Fees – external groups pay a percentage of their total bill to Scheduling for their services. Most of this revenue is earned from summer conferencing business in the dorms. Summer 2010 was a good year (more then $230,000 in lodging was billed out); Summer 2011 – not sure yet. Surbeck lost its biggest paying customer last summer (weekly rental of the Ballroom).

  11. ResLife funds 100% of main level desk and event manager needs during the summer. • Although increased last FY year, Surbeck (and ResLife) have reduced overhead charges; and reduced share of Facilities Services contract costs. This is viewed as institutional support of Surbeck/Scheduling (~$123,000). • Dining and the Bookstore pay their own share of utilities and custodial costs – amounts/costs not included in the numbers (~$60,000). • “Volunteer” labor has afforded small upgrades (painting projects). Supplies needed, in most cases, have been donated by individuals or other office areas (priceless ). Student Association is welcome to volunteer for projects at any time!! Other Considerations

  12. Total Expenses = $355,607 • Revenue from other sources = $40,000 • Auxiliary support for Surbeck expected to be less than $60,000. FY10 was less than $20K. • GAF Request in the $281,000 range, not including the bond and M&R GAF allocations. FY12 Request Totals