good afternoon n.
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Good Afternoon !

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Good Afternoon ! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Good Afternoon !. Have out your homework, journal, Science Book, and pen/pencil! Analysis #1-Act. 85

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good afternoon
Good Afternoon!
  • Have out your homework, journal, Science Book, and pen/pencil!
  • Analysis #1-Act. 85
  • Crash Testing Dummy Drawing completed-make sure it has a title, sensors are marked and labeled with the body part. Also your answers to the questions written in complete sentences. Name, date, period
  • If all complete turn in the inbox please.

Analysis #1:The crash test dummy that is most often used in frontal crash tests is the Hybrid III dummy….

The advantages are: high quality, reliable source,averageperson,safety uses

The disadvantages are: expensive,last for a few years, only based on average person, not sure if parts are environmental friendly

  • Students will be able to determine the relationship between the center of mass and stability of vehicles.
purpose of lesson
Purpose of Lesson
  • Students will be able to understand the importance of maintaining car safety features (seatbelt, airbags and brakes)in good condition in case of being involved in an accident.
activity 86 investigating center of mass
Activity 86:Investigating Center of Mass
  • Date: 4/4/13
  • Challenge Question:
  • Getting Started: What is the center of mass?
  • Center of Mass: The center of gravity, the point at the center of an object’s distribution of mass.
introduction pg e 58
Introduction pg. E-58


  • 1. Stability-balanced on both sides, stable
  • 2. Rollover-

When vehicles turn over (flip over) on sides, no stability or center of mass

Ex: Suv, RV, semi-trucks, pick up trucks

build background
Build Background
  • Stability

The center of the mass falls within the area of an object’s base of support, an object will not topple(fall).

In a car the base support is the area immediately under the four tires. If a car takes a turn or swerves in such a way that the center of the mass is outside the rectangular base inscribed by the tires, it will roll over.

materials procedure pg e 59
Materials/Procedure pg. E-59
  • Copy data table into your notebook
  • Add column for prediction
  • Read steps #3-7
  • Turn to pg. E-60 read steps #8-11
  • Follow the steps in the procedure
  • Copy your results in your data table
  • Put all materials away when finished
  • 1-Getter: get materials
  • 3-Spokesperson: write down data
  • 4-Procedure Captain: read the steps in the procedure to your group
  • 2-Facilitator/Getter : Test out the activity, follow the procedure
don t forget to complete
Don’t Forget to Complete

Exit Slip


Your friend’s parents want to haul some lumber in their station wagon. His parents are not sure whether to put the lumber in the wagon on the roof rack and tie it. What advice would you give them? Explain in terms of center of mass.

Analysis Questions #1-3 pg. E-60

Recycled Car Project due 4/16/13

Remember if you want to stay after school next Tues & Thurs. let me know.

Extra Credit due tomorrow. Act. 84 Extension Question