renewable energy energy efficiency projects n.
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Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Projects PowerPoint Presentation
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Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Projects

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Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Projects - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Projects. Draft Loan Guarantee Solicitation April 2014. LPO: The Financing Force for a Clean Energy Economy. *The current portfolio includes loans, loan guarantees, and commitments. U.S. Needs to Compete in the Global Clean Energy Race .

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Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Projects

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    1. Renewable Energy & Energy Efficiency Projects Draft Loan Guarantee Solicitation April 2014

    2. LPO: The Financing Force for a Clean Energy Economy *The current portfolio includes loans, loan guarantees, and commitments.

    3. U.S. Needs to Compete in the Global Clean Energy Race

    4. DOE Programs Support the Full Arc of Commercialization Least Commercial Financing: Banks & Bond Market Initial Commercial Deployment: LPO Technology Maturity TechnologyMaturity Equity: Private Debt: US Gov’t Equity: Private Debt: Private Grants Grants Demonstration: DOE Applied Science Programs; EERE; Fossil; Electric; Nuclear R&D: DOE Labs Most Least Technology Risk Most Commercial Maturity

    5. The LPO Portfolio Has Strong Financial Performance

    6. LPO Has More than $40 Billion in Remaining Loan Authority 25 $ billions 4 2 *Includes nuclear generation and front-end nuclear projects. **Imputed loan authority. Actual loan volume will depend on actual credit subsidy rates for projects.

    7. LPO Has Financed Deployment of Groundbreaking Projects LPO is one of the largest project finance teams in the world supporting a variety support a variety of projects in support of the President's "all of the above" energy strategy: • Several of the world’s largest solar generation facilities and nighttime solar storage systems: • Photovoltaic generation: Agua Caliente, Desert Sunlight, CVSR • Large concentrating solar power plants with innovative thermal energy storage: Solana, Solar Reserve Tonopah • Largest solar thermal plant: Ivanpah • Retooled three electric vehicle manufacturing facilities: Tesla, Nissan & Ford • One of the world’s largest wind farms: Shepherds Flat • One of the country’s first commercial-scale cellulosic ethanol plants: AbengoaBiomass • First nuclear power plant to begin construction in the US in the last 30 years: Vogtle

    8. LPO Launched Utility-Scale Photovoltaic Market in the U.S. 1705 Program Ends • Ten Privately • Financed Projects • 2488 MW • Five LPO Projects • 1510 MW • $4.6 Billion in Loans U.S. Projects > 100MW CA CA NV NV NM NM AZ AZ Zero Projects 2013 2012 2011 2010

    9. LPO Projects Supported a National Solar Energy Supply Chain LPO provided financing for five Concentrating Solar Power (CSP) projects representing $8 billion in total project investment. These projects supported a supply chain that created jobs and economic development in 39 states.

    10. LPO Projects Have Helped Reduce the Cost of Solar Energy 18.0¢/kWh 7.5¢/kWh * PPA pricing data represents a levelized generation-weighted average of publicly available data for independent large-scale solar generators (PV & CSP).

    11. LPO’s Public-Private Partnerships Expanded Total Project Investment $26 Billion in Total Project Investment Developers: NRG, Abengoa, Exelon, etc. LPO Loan Guarantees $16.1 Billion Co-Lending with Commercial Banks $0.5 Billion Private Equity $9.3 Billion Tax Equity: Google, Mid-American, Liberty Media

    12. Draft Renewable Energy & Efficient Energy Projects Solicitation

    13. Draft Solicitation Can Provide Long-Term Project Financing

    14. LPO Will Consider All Eligible Projects Under Title XVII Renewable Energy Projects Innovative Technology Eligible projects must utilize an innovative technology or system. Greenhouse Gas Benefits Eligible projects must reduce, avoid, or sequester greenhouse gases. Supports the President’s Climate Action Plan. Energy Efficiency Projects Located in the U.S. Eligible projects must be located in the U.S. but may be foreign-owned. Reasonable Prospect of Repayment Eligible projects must be able to repay loan principal and interest.

    15. The Solicitation Identifies Five Key Technology Areas

    16. Technology Area 1: Advanced Grid Integration & Storage

    17. Technology Area 2: Drop-In Biofuels

    18. Technology Area 3: Waste-to-Energy

    19. Technology Area 4: Enhancement of Existing Facilities

    20. Technology Area 5: Efficiency Improvements

    21. LPO Application and Underwriting Process

    22. LPO: Accelerating U.S. Clean Energy Deployment For further information on LPO, please visit: Private Equity LPO Debt Capital Robust Clean Energy Markets Innovative Projects