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brain hurricane helps in boosting confidence among students l.
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Brain Hurricane Tutor

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Brain Hurricane Tutor
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Brain Hurricane Tutor

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  1. Brain Hurricane Helps In Boosting Confidence Among Students

  2. Brain Hurricane is one of the leading tutoring programs designed specifically for the students from Kindergarten to eighth grade. Introduced by Reed Howard, this program was created in order to lessen the burden of cramming on students and to boost confidence among them. Reed Howard developed several unique and innovative teaching methods to make learning an interesting and fun process.

  3. These methods are efficient enough to hold the attention of students and help them in earning better test scores and grades. This program has worked with more than 6000 students in seven different states over the past six years. The teachers employed at Brain Hurricane are highly skilled and qualified. They undergo strict professional training before

  4. teaching the students in order to understand the teaching methods adopted here. Reed Howard along with the teachers did thorough research while designing the curriculum for the students. The curriculum consists of complete relevant content and includes short fiction stories in modern language suitable for different ages. It teaches students reading and mathematics skills that are aligned with national benchmarks and standards.

  5. Several innovative movement activities like Multiplication Basketball and Spelling Jumping Ropes are performed at the beginning of each day which helps the teachers in invigorating the sleeping minds of students. The teaching methods adopted at Brain Hurricane make the students an active listener and responsive towards teaching.

  6. They help the students to grasp new things in much convenient manner and provide them with exercise for both the body and mind. The students are divided in teams which makes them learn the importance of team work. They are required to solve their curriculum related problems with the help of their teammates which helps in building team spirit among them.

  7. The program emphasizes on how to develop individual creativity and imagination among students and how to apply those skills to real-world and school settings. For further information about this program, please visit