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Brain Hurricane Tutor PowerPoint Presentation
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Brain Hurricane Tutor

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Brain Hurricane Tutor
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Brain Hurricane Tutor

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  1. Brain Hurricane - Makes Students Capable Of Dealing With Real Life Problems

  2. Brain Hurricane, an efficient tutoring program for students, helps them to learn in an interesting and innovative manner. It makes learning a complete fun process for students and thus reduces the stress of cramming on them. Developed by Reed Howard, a lifelong teacher, this program has worked with more than 6000 students in seven different states over the past six years. The teaching methods adopted by this tutoring program were developed by Reed Howard who has an

  3. experience of over 35 years in teaching. This program makes the students capable of dealing with real life problems efficiently. The teaching methods adopted at Brain Hurricane are efficient enough to hold the attention of students and guarantees a positive learning experience for them. It lays stress on imparting practical knowledge among students as it believes that practical knowledge lays more impact on students than the theoretical knowledge.

  4. It teaches the students to be competitive and motivates them to earn better test scores and grades. It includes several innovative activities like team-based hands-on learning with movement activities, lessons and divergent problem-solving activities. These activities inspire the interest of students in learning and improve their reading skills, mathematics and vocabulary development. Dr. Steven Ross, the Director of the Center for Research in Educational Policy (CREP) at the

  5. University of Memphis conducted a study which revealed that Brain Hurricane students made remarkable gains on pre and post test scores. It concluded that on average, the pre to post test NCE gains for the students of this tutoring program was almost half of the standard deviation (d=0.50). This means that they showed average gains of 30% in reading, 22% in language, and 29% in mathematics. To know more about the teaching methods adopted at this tutoring program, please log on to