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brain hurricane is an efficient tutoring program initiated by reed howard n.
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Brain Hurricane Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Brain Hurricane Program

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Brain Hurricane Program
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Brain Hurricane Program

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  1. Brain Hurricane Is An Efficient Tutoring Program Initiated By Reed Howard

  2. Brain Hurricane, an efficient teaching program, was initiated by Reed Howard. This program is popular among the parents of students because of the unique teaching methods adopted here. The teachers stress on offering practical knowledge to the students as they believe that practical knowledge lays more impact on students than the theoretical knowledge.

  3. These teaching methods help the students in earning better test scores and grades and also lessen the burden of cramming on them. The teachers utilize several divergent techniques while teaching the students in order to make the lessons interesting and to gain the attention of students.

  4. Brain Hurricane offers simple and easy ways of learning to the students. Here, each tutoring session begins with certain movement activities like Multiplication Basketball and Spelling Jump Rope. These activities help the teachers in invigorating the sleeping minds of students. The teaching methods adopted at this program are entirely different from the ordinary method of lectures where the attention of students easily drifts off.

  5. Each tutoring session contains a short 15 minute activity which helps in keeping the students active, engaged and having fun. This program makes learning fun for the students as it believes that student’s can’t learn unless they are paying attention. Brain Hurricane is defined by the qualities like cooperative, fun, effective, experienced and professional.

  6. It lays focus on improving mathematics and reading skills of the students. At this program, highly qualified and skilled teachers are employed who undergo extensive professional training before teaching the students in order to understand the teaching methods adopted here.

  7. The program is designed especially for the students from Kindergarten to eighth grade and teaches them through an innovative approach which includes team-based hands-on learning with movement activities, lessons and divergent problem-solving activities. To learn more about the Brain Hurricane and the tutoring programs being offered by it, please visit