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Brain Hurricane Program PowerPoint Presentation
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Brain Hurricane Program

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Brain Hurricane Program
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Brain Hurricane Program

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  1. Teachers Undergo Extensive Professional Training At Brain Hurricane

  2. The concept of Brain Hurricane, a free tutoring service for the students from Kindergarten to eighth grade, was introduced by Reed Howard. This program is a family business and has adopted several efficient teaching methods which were created after doing an extensive research.

  3. These teaching methods are creative and innovative and are efficient enough to hold the attention of students which easily drifts off in ordinary teaching methods. The students are taught different ways to solve the problems and are made to understand that every problem has multiple solution i.e. they are divergent in nature.

  4. Every tutoring session includes short 15 minute activity which helps in making the students active participants in class. At Brain Hurricane, emphasis is laid on imparting practical knowledge among students as it believes that practical knowledge lays more impact on them as compared to theoretical knowledge.

  5. At this program, highly skilled and professional teachers are employed who undergo extensive professional training in order to understand the teaching methods adopted here. They keep the interest of students in mind while designing curriculum for them. Stress is laid on mathematics, vocabulary development and reading skills of students.

  6. The curriculum is aligned with national and state standards and includes short fictional stories. These programs emphasize on phonics, phonemic awareness, and fluency of students.

  7. Centre of Research in Educational Policy (CREP) at the University of Memphis was provided with complete 2007-2008 database of the scores of students in all the pre and posttest administrations of age appropriate Iowa Tests of Basic Skills (ITBS) assessments. CREP evaluates “what works” in the schools across nation.

  8. After the research was conducted, CREP reached on a conclusion that the students of Brain Hurricane showed average gains of around 14%.To know more about the teaching methods adopted at Brain Hurricane, you can browse through