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The Big Adventure

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The Big Adventure. Kaylaa Kawasaki. Your stuck in middle of desert do you choose to Jump of cliff Eat a dead bird to live . You end up staying on the land for so long you end up dying because of starvation GAME OVER Click to try again.

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the big adventure

The Big Adventure

Kaylaa Kawasaki


You end up staying on the land for so long you end up dying because of starvation GAME OVER Click to try again


You smash them with your feet but you smashed the floor so hard that you have created a hole you find a secret underground pathway do you go through it or stay on land


Did you have a good night sleep?You have goten a coakroach bite you heal it byusing snake skin to stop the bloodhave a vampire lion stop the blood


Edward ends up getting hungry and eats you for dinner. You have DIED. Click here to start from the beginning


You are now getting a bad reaction from the bird. You must eat a coakroach to stop the reaction from getting worse  do you eat a live coakroachor end up getting the bad reaction and doing nothing


You have probaly thrown up by now do youthrow up in a hole or throw up on a pile of deathly scropions


You have surprisingly survived the cliffyou are at the bottom of the cliff alone what do you do for fun sleep with cockroaches or eat you dinner which is live snake.


You appeared in a magical wonderland  and see Justin Beiber(your biggest fan). You have the best life ever with him and you WIN your adventure! Click to start from beginning


The coackroach that you ate had a bad diesease and you end up throwing-up horribly. It is time for bed and you have nowhere to sleep do you sleep in your throw-uporsleep in your poop


You made the insects in the hole mad and now they are attacking you do you kill them with your pee or go down the hole to escape the mad insects.


Why did you use snake skin to stop the blood it doesn’t even work? You are stuck in the middle of group of hungry lions do you risk your life and die or you sit quietly till the lions go away


You slept in your poop but scorpions were attracted to the smell. Scropions are now attacking you do you smash them with your feet or do you pee on them to kill them


18. The lions were distracted by a rat. you are now on a island. You must get more food to eat. Are you going to go get a poisonous piranha and eat itor dig up dirt and eat whatever you can find in there