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The Adventure Game

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The Adventure Game - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Adventure Game. By: Marchiel Myco & Desmond Johnson. Beginning of the Adventure. This is the beginning of the game which gives you a look before starting the game. (Example Instructions). More Adventure Necessities….

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the adventure game

The Adventure Game

By: Marchiel Myco


Desmond Johnson

beginning of the adventure
Beginning of the Adventure
  • This is the beginning of the game which gives you a look before starting the game. (Example Instructions)
more adventure necessities
More Adventure Necessities…
  • This matches the input command with the predicate which carries out the commands. It also gives tighter control over the allowable commands
more adventure necessities1
More Adventure Necessities…
  • These are the predicates which control exit from the game. If the player has taken the car keys, then the call will succeed and the command_loop will complete. Otherwise it fails and command_loop will repeat.
more adventure necessities2
More Adventure Necessities…
  • These are the help commands that will get you through the Adventure Game
more adventure necessities3
More Adventure Necessities…
  • Initial facts describing the world. Area and doors do not change, so they are compiled.
more adventure necessities4
More Adventure Necessities…
  • These facts are all subject to change during the game, so rather than being compiled, they are "asserted" to the listener at run time.
more adventure necessities5
More Adventure Necessities…
  • Take allows the player to take something. As long as the thing is contained in the area it can be taken, even if the adventurer hasn't looked in the the container which contains it.
more adventure necessities6
More Adventure Necessities…
  • These are the goto which moves the player from area to area.
more adventure necessities7
More Adventure Necessities…
  • Turn_on recognizes two cases. If the player tries to simply turn on the light, it is assumed this is the area light, and the appropriate error message is issued. Otherwise turn_on has to refer to an object which is turned_off.
more adventure necessities8
More Adventure Necessities…
  • This reads a sentence and puts it, in, list, form; it also calls the grammar for command and it makes the command list a structure
  • This game is built to enjoy and to share with others. Please do come back and visit us again. Thank you.

Marchiel & Desmond