the cytoplasm adventure
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The Cytoplasm Adventure

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The Cytoplasm Adventure - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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The Cytoplasm Adventure. Created by Chris Manske, Cliff Ham, Mike Grigola, Tim Leung. The Mitochondrion Tiger. The greatest and largest roller coaster of The Cytoplasm Adventure. It moves at an average of 50 mph and has a vertical drop of 80 degrees!

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the cytoplasm adventure

The Cytoplasm Adventure

Created by Chris Manske, Cliff Ham, Mike Grigola, Tim Leung

the mitochondrion tiger
The Mitochondrion Tiger
  • The greatest and largest roller coaster of The Cytoplasm Adventure.
  • It moves at an average of 50 mph and has a vertical drop of 80 degrees!
  • The velocity of the first drop will take your breath away!
the golgi store
The Golgi Store
  • This store is nationally known because of its wide variety of items.
  • Every single item in our store is custom made in our state of the art factory.
  • Our specialty is the Beastly Protein stuffed animal shown below. Each year about 10,000 of these items are sold!
vacuole wave pool
Vacuole Wave Pool

The Vacuole Wave Pool has waves that rise up to 20 feet!

It is the second biggest attraction in our park, which makes it one of the greatest known.

When summer comes, this is the most popular attraction because of the cold water that it feeds!

nucleus security
Nucleus Security
  • The park is run by the Nucleus Security, making it the safest park in the nation.
  • The Nucleus Security System is located in the center of the park and controls every little aspect of business.
lysosome twist
Lysosome Twist
  • Puke your guts out on this liquefying ride
  • This spinning, whirling ride will leave you wondering which way is up!
  • Free barf bag with your admission.
  • One of our newest attractions is Riborafts, which rides down the Rough Endoplasmic River.
  • The many rafts on the river go through currents and numerous twists and turns.
  • There are many ways to travel about the river, letting you decide your own path!
old time flagellas
Old Time Flagellas!
  • These old trolley carts allow you to tour the whole park in a matter of minutes!
  • Different scenes on bus make the tour even better!
chloroplast court
  • This food-court contains all of your tasting-needs.
  • From pizza to hot dogs, this food-court has it all.
  • Free cookie with purchase of cheese.
organelle information
Organelle Information
  • All rides and attractions were based on following organelles:
  • Cytoplasm: This is everything inside a cell other than the organelles. We chose this for the theme park name because it is everything except the actual “attractions”.
  • Mitochondria: This organelle controls cellular respiration. We decided to make it a roller coaster because we said that the first drop takes your breath away……..pretty obvious I think.
  • Golgi Body: This is an organelle that distributes/packages necessities for the cell, which can be just like a store, where you sell or distribute items.
  • Vacuole: This organelle is composed of a watery fluid, which allows us to compare it to a wave pool.
  • Nucleus: This organelle runs the cell, which is why it is very easy to compare it the the security system of an amusement park.
  • Lysosomes: This organelle digests almost anything a cell needs to digest, meaning it makes it smaller, more liquid-like, or more gobbled up. This is why we used this organelle as a twister, because it makes you puke or get sick. When this happens, you feel like your insides are liquid-like and all gobbled up, just like food digesting (You have to think deeper for this one).
  • Ribosomes: These organelles are located on the rough endoplasmic reticulum,and there are many of them. Because the rough ER is like a maze, you can choose your path of travel in the river.
  • Flagella: This organelle allows the cell to travel about, making a comparison to a trolley cart very obvious.
  • Chloroplasts: These organelles create food for the plant cell. Because of their function, they are like a food court.

The duck and the other animals were just for fun to spice this presentation up.