h ow pollution effects us and why n.
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H ow pollution effects us and why! PowerPoint Presentation
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H ow pollution effects us and why!

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H ow pollution effects us and why! - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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H ow pollution effects us and why!. By: Mika for: school speech RESEAECH. Pollution is WHAT ? And what does it do?.

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h ow pollution effects us and why

How pollution effects us and why!

By: Mika

for: school speech RESEAECH

pollution is what and what does it do
Pollution is WHAT? And what does it do?
  • Pollution is from Factory's, Cars, cows, and even walking our dogs also littering, and our own sewage forming the pollution to appear and after a while it disappears but not completely because it will still leave chemicals in the air. Also something that you might not know is that global warming is caused by the pollution, which if for your information is that the air is getting a little bit too hot and it is travelling to Antarctica, (at the bottom of our globe which is also a habitat too our penguins and other animals) and warming up the ice in order for it to melt and turn into water. Which may not seem much from just one piece of ice to the enormous sea, but the ice is melting as we talk and all because of the pollution that us humans are creating as I wrote, by cars, (why can’t we use hybrids the battery charged car creating no pollution!) and Factory's, (I go past a potato chip factory every Saturday and it smells of oil and large amounts of strong smoke and I also sometimes see a weird shaped cloud but NO this is not a cloud it is a bubble of pollution affecting human health as we know it!) I am now running out of space if you may please turn to the next slide

We also are being affected with pollution by littering the foot paths with a packet of chips or just a plastic bottle which can be recycled and reused! Even the products of pesticides (which is poison in a can for pests) and fertilizers (Which is things that we use in our gardens to keep the snails or slugs away from eating your plants) effect the air with pollution. That is why Royal Oak Primary School use the worm castings with some water so it is not to powerful for our plants in fertilizing. Pollution is mostly from factorys especially in China you can’t even really see the clouds because it‘s all covered with pollution from the factorys working hard which is good but not for our healthy environment, so I suggest that you do not litter do not waste your time driving around in your cars for no reason, and if it is getting to out of hand I would close the some factorys down that we don’t need, and is making no progress at all and if that is happening that has got to be a huge deal!