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SmartOffice New Products Overview. SmartOffice Product Managers. Agenda. Base and Framework Agency Management SmartCommissions SmartWholesaler SmartLeads SmartRecruiting SmartInvestments Integrations Outlook and Notes Integration. Base System and Framework.

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Smartoffice new products overview

SmartOffice New Products Overview

SmartOffice Product Managers


  • Base and Framework

  • Agency Management

  • SmartCommissions

  • SmartWholesaler

  • SmartLeads

  • SmartRecruiting

  • SmartInvestments

  • Integrations

  • Outlook and Notes Integration

Base system and framework

Base System and Framework

Julie Hanson and Alena Tenreiro

Product Managers


  • Framework is the underlying services and technology

  • Main Improvements

    • Technology Updates

      • Results in performance and stability improvements

      • Enhanced queries

      • Code profiling

    • On Access validation – reduces the need to validate after electronic downloads

Base system
Base System

  • Base System - No module required

    • User Roles and Licenses

    • General

      • SmartPad

      • Data Import

      • Letters and Correspondence

      • Record Merges

      • Spreadsheets

    • Calendar and Activities

    • Reporting

      • PDF reports

      • Enhanced Dynamic Reporting capabilities

Smartoffice for agency management

SmartOffice for Agency Management

Kandace Hager and John Pattison

Product Managers


  • A Comprehensive Solution

    • Built for front and back office management

    • Reduce cost, increase productivity

    • Efficient new business processing

  • Seamless Integrations and Automations

    • Pending Case Downloads

    • Carrier and Plan Downloads

    • Service Provider Integration

    • Advisor Tracking

  • Fully Integrated with Reporting, Commission Tracking and Marketing functionalities.

    • Drive your business from every angle

Pending Case







Inforce Policy

New features and highlights
New Features and Highlights

  • New Features in 5.1

    • Production Dashboard

    • Case Manager Reassignment

    • Modifiable PCM Table Merge Codes

    • Refined Carrier and Plan downloads

    • Service Provider Requirement Status added to Follow Up spreadsheet

  • Highlights

    • Weekly Status Sheet

    • Mass Correspondence directly from PCM

    • Advisor Request Tracking

    • SmartView for Advisors

Smartoffice for commission processing

SmartOffice for Commission Processing

Sherri Schultze

Product Manager

Two concepts of commission processing
Two concepts of Commission Processing

  • Commission Carrier Interface

    • Report only feature that displays data received directly from Insurance Carriers Commission Systems via an ACORD XML data feed.

  • Commission Tracking System

    • A full commission tracking and reconciliation process. Taking data in multiple formats and reconciling it against expected commissions calculated during case processing.

Smartoffice for wholesalers

SmartOffice for Wholesalers

Wholesaler Management

Joseph Yang

Product Manager

Challenges for wholesalers
Challenges for Wholesalers

  • Coordinating Internal/External Wholesalers and Home Office

    • Communication and reporting

  • Staying competitive

    • Relationship building

    • Value added services

  • Dealing with high turnover rate of producers

    • Signing new distributors

    • Recruiting top producers

    • Territory Reassignment

Can your office do this
Can your office do this?

  • Do you have the ability to see up line and down line?

  • Do you have the capability of marketing?

  • Do you have pipeline management?

  • Do you have the ability to track calls, appointments and notes?

    • Do you have the ability to take your calls, appointments and notes on the road?

  • Can you see PCM for your distributors?

  • How are the production numbers reported?

  • Are the production numbers viewable by territory, sales rep, line of business (LOBs), sales channel, etc.?

  • Is there visibility for management to see how well a wholesaler is doing?

  • Can wholesaler see how well a producer/firm is doing?

  • How much time and material cost does wholesaler spend versus the amount of production?

Report branch offices by region california
Report - Branch Offices By Region (California)

Sales Manager users

Wholesaler users

Bank Sales Executive users

Branch Manager users



Leads Tracking

Joseph Yang

Product Manager

Customer challenges
Customer Challenges

  • Orphan policy issues

  • Lead assignment

  • Lack of automation in the process

  • Cannot track progress of leads

    • No feedback from advisor

  • Leads not serviced in time (cold leads)

    • Agents just sit on leads

  • Cannot generate real time reports

Benefits smartleads tracking module
Benefits SmartLeads Tracking Module

  • Save time by automating the assignment of Leads

  • Track assigned Leads through the Sales Cycle

  • Real Time Feedback

  • Create Powerful Management Reports

  • Seamless Integration with other SmartOffice Modules

Currently in production



Lead Generation




Lead Distribution System


  • Better Conversion Rates

  • Standardized Process

  • Fewer Manual Processes

  • Streamlined Input

  • Detail Available for Analysis

  • One Package of Reports

  • Better Forecasting

  • Real Time Feedback

  • Seamless Integration with

  • other SmartOffice Modules




Currently in Production


  • Revocation

  • Disposition Status

  • Address Correction

  • Enrichment Request

  • Opt In / Out (vacation)



Recruitment Tracking Module

Michael Grubb

Product Manager

Industry wide challenges
Industry Wide Challenges

Industry-wide crisis. 75% of advisors leave within three years.



$30,000 to recruit, hire, and train a candidate.

Visibility and Best Practices

They don’t work if you don’t use them.

Challenges and solutions

What we often find:

What we can provide:

Challenges and Solutions

  • Lack of Process Definition/Repeatability

  • Enforce best practices

  • Visibility

  • Maintain visibility into pipeline flow across hierarchy

  • Lack of flow control

  • Keep the pipeline full (marketing)

  • Actively manage the flow

  • Unpredictability

  • Understand/predict seasonality

  • Discover where the best advisors come from

Managing the recruiting pipeline

Potential Candidates



Hired/ Contracted

Recruiting Process: Step 1

Step 2

Step 3

Step 4

Managing the Recruiting Pipeline

Provides: Process Definition

Pipeline Visibility

Best Practices Workflow

Integration with:

Advisor Module


Dynamic Reports / Excel



Investment Tracking Module

Amy Hii

Product Manager

Key benefits features
Key Benefits & Features

  • Data Feeds

  • Integrations

  • Asset Allocations

  • Performance Measurement

  • Reports, Reports, Reports!!!

  • Client Access 24-7

What s new and exciting

DataXchange 2.0

DST FanMail, Pershing, NFS, PFPC

Morningstar Export

Export multiple accounts & positions for multiple contacts and households

Asset Allocations

Variable Products from Policy are included in calculations

How much is out of balance in Dollar Amount

Performance Measurement

GIPS Calculations

Corporate Actions

Merger/Acquisitions, Stock Splits, Spin-offs

Reports – PDF Reports, Performance Reports

What’s New and Exciting?

Integrations with smartintegrator

Integrations with SmartIntegrator

Carolyn Carrasco

Product Manager

Integration goals
Integration Goals

  • Meet user needs

  • Seamless integration

  • Requires little or no training

  • Easy to deploy

  • Reasonable time frame and cost effective

Integrations with smartintegrator1
Integrations with SmartIntegrator

  • Current

    • Financial Profiles

    • Intellisys

    • Laser App

  • Coming Soon

    • Quik! Forms

    • EbixLife

    • PaperClip

    • LaserFiche

Integration with outlook and lotus notes

Integration with Outlook and Lotus Notes

Carl Besaw

Product Manager

What s new in smartoffice 5 1
What’s New in SmartOffice 5.1?

  • SmartMail for Outlook/Lotus Notes

    • Post Subject or Body of E-mail

    • Display previously posted messages

    • Improved integration with SmartCaseManager Module

  • SmartLink for Outlook/Lotus Notes

    • Major performance improvements

    • More Setup Options

    • Preview Only Synchronization

    • Synchronization Reports

    • Resolve Conflicts after Synchronization

  • SmartLink for Intellisync

    • Compatible with Mobile Devices

    • Ready for Beta

Smartoffice new products overview1

SmartOffice New Products Overview

SmartOffice Product Managers