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Movie & Entertainment

Movie & Entertainment

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Movie & Entertainment

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  1. Movie & Entertainment

  2. vocabulary • 演员 Actors and Actresses • cast 演员阵容 • leading role 主角 • stand-in 替身演员 • stunt man 特技替身演员 • extra, walker-on 临时演员 • guest actor/actress 客串 • supporting role 配角

  3. 影片类型 films typemusicals 音乐片 documentary (film) 记录片 literary film 文艺片comedy 喜剧 tragedy 悲剧horror movie 恐怖片 thriller 惊悚片detective movie 侦探片 ethical movie 伦理片western movies 西部片trailer 预告片;宣传片cartoon 卡通片,动画片dubbed film 译制片

  4. 工作人员 Technicians • scriptwriter 编剧 • dialogue writer 对白作者 • production manager 制片人 • producer 制片主任 • film director 导演 • cameraman 摄影师 • property manager道具员 • art director 布景师 • stagehand 后台工作人员 • lighting engineer 灯光师 • sound engineer, recording director 录音师

  5. 对话口译 • CNN interview with Jet Li

  6. CNN(即Cable News Network,又称有线电视新闻网)是美国的有线电视频道,由特德·特纳于1980年创办,目前为时代华纳所有。CNN被认为是第一个全天候24小时的新闻频道。公司总部和演播室位于美国亚特兰大,在全美8600万个家庭和89万个宾馆房间可以收看到CNN。全球212个国家和地区的大约10亿人可以收看到CNN。CNN从1980年6月1日开播以来,今天已经发展成为15个有线和卫星电视频道网络(如CNN头条新闻和CNN财经),12个网站,2个当地电视网络(如CNN机场网络)和2个广播网络。CNN在全球还拥有多个地区和外语频道。CNN在1995年8月30日启动了自己的新闻网站,,被称作是互联网上第一个新闻网站。在1991年的海湾战争中,CNN的国际知名度得到提升,他们关于战争的现场报导吸引了全世界的目光。由于CNN是通过与美国政府紧密合作而取得大多数的新闻的,很多人指责CNN并不试图做出准确的报导,而只是一个宣传工具。由于遭到了很多关于太美国中心的指责,以及来自BBC和天空新闻的竞争,CNN国际现在为世界不同地区提供不同的新闻。CNN在各地的新闻中心也聘请了很多当地记者,以确保能从更国际的观点来报导新闻。在美国,CNN则被保守派指责太过倾自由,而且在市场份额方面已经输给了福克斯新闻,目前是美国第二大新闻频道。 WWW.CNN.COM

  7. Vocabulary 1 • 动作片 • action movie • 模式 • formula • 报仇雪恨 • revenge • 功夫超群 • outstanding Kongfu master

  8. Vocabulary 2 • 题材广博 • much broader theme • huge hit • 引起轰动,取得巨大成功 • sequels • 续集 • martial arts champion • 武术冠军

  9. Vocabulary 3 • 独特的武打设计 • unique martial arts technique • 很深的哲理 • sophisticated philosophy • Hero • Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon • Ang Lee

  10. CNN :祝贺《英雄》所取得的成功。请问您在《英雄》里所扮演的角色是否与你通常演的角色相似呢? • It’s a very special part and a very special movie. I think it’s one of the most important action films in my life.

  11. 为什么你会这样说呢? • I made around 30 movies.Usually action films have a formula: A child whose parents have been murdered by the bad guys tries hard to learn martial arts and he grows up into an outstanding kongfu master. He takes revenge and kills the bad guys. But “Hero” has a much broader theme. It talks about the peace and what kind of Chinese people can become hero.

  12. 就比如很像《卧虎藏龙》? • No, it’s totally different. I think Ang Lee is a very talented director. He uses martial arts to talk about love and girls, you know…But Zhang Yimou tries to tell about Chinese culture, Chinese thinking and their hopes through martial arts.

  13. 含义的确很深。我们知道您的处女作是 1979年拍摄的《少林寺》,而那时你还是个十几岁的少年。影片在亚洲引起了轰动,而且还加拍了两部续集。我想问的是,您是如何从一位武术冠军成为一名好莱坞的动作明星的? • I think the most important thing is that when I was young, I learnt martial arts, that is my special key. I can use my unique martial arts skills in the film. But after a few years, I really want to do something different…like using martial arts to talk about peace and achieve peace.

  14. 这听起来似乎是矛盾的,对吗? 您是一个打斗专家,但您却要谈“和平”? • That’s right, because culture is not just martial arts. That’s only the physical part. It’s not true that the Chinese people are all kongfu masters and can just beat up people; and that they have no brains, no thoughts.

  15. As a matter of fact, we have a deep, strong and sophisticated philosophy. I feel I have the responsibility to share this information with the worldwide audience.

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  17. 篇章口译 • 悼念陈晓旭!“林妹妹”魂归离恨天

  18. Vocabulary:    Impersonator: 扮演 Celebrity: 名人, 名流 take the tonsure:削发为尼breast carcinoma:乳腺癌 introverted: 性格内向的 well-bred: 有教养的

  19. As the old Chinese saying goes, "beautiful women suffer unhappy fates." Lin Daiyu is so, and her impersonator Chen Xiaoxu re-acted the play in her real life. Chen Xiaoxu, former Chinese actress and business celebrity, who took the tonsure at a Buddhist temple in Changchun, in northeast China in February, died of breast carcinoma at the age of 42 last Sunday in Shenzhen in South China. Chen Xiaoxu became a household name in China in the 1980s after being cast the lead role as Lin Daiyu in the TV play "Dream of the Red Mansion", an adaptation of the Chinese Qing Dynasty literary classic of the same name written by Cao Xueqin. In the play, Lin Daiyu is an introverted and sensitive well-bred girl; in real life, Chen Xiaoxu acted her role in the play: She disappeared from public view for several years after the play until re-catching people's attention as a successful businesswoman and billionaire in advertising. According to media reports, Chen's decision of tonsure came among rumors that she turned to the temple because of terminal breast carcinoma.

  20. 听力理解与口译 • The M-Zone British Film Festival (动感地带英国电影节)

  21. Key words • Bridget Jones:《BJ单身日记》 • Moviegoer:常看电影的人,影迷 • Cinematography:电影摄制艺术 • State-of-the-art technology:电影科技 • Animator: 动画师 • Showcase:陈列,展示 • Have a treat in store: 大饱眼福