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The Odyssey PowerPoint Presentation
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The Odyssey

The Odyssey

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The Odyssey

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  1. The Odyssey Review – Wrap Up – Study Guide

  2. Important People

  3. Anticlea • Odysseus’ mother • Dies of a broken heart • Odysseus meets her when speaking with the dead

  4. Antinous • Suitor of Penelope

  5. Argos • Odysseus’ dog • Trained as a puppy by Odysseus • Dies after seeing his master again after 20 years

  6. Calypso • Sea Nymph who lives on an island in the Mediterranean • Keeps Odysseus captive for 7 years • Told by Hermes to allow Odysseus to go home

  7. Charybdis • Monster that swallows large amounts of water and then vomits it back up, creating a huge whirlpool • Across the straight from the Scylla

  8. Circe • Goddess of magic • Gives Odysseus’ men wine and honey that turns them into pigs • Odysseus tricks her with the help of Hermes and makes her return his men to human form

  9. Eumaeus • A faithful swineherd of Odysseus’ that helps him when he returns to Ithaca

  10. Helios • The Sun God • Has a large herd of cattle on his island that are eaten by Odysseus’ men despite warnings not to do this • Is angered by the loss of his cattle and demands restitution • Zeus hits Odysseus’ ship with a bolt of lightning, sinking it and killing his men, due to this.

  11. Penelope • Odysseus’ wife • Besieged by suitors wanting her to marry them • Tricks them by saying she will marry one of them when she finishes weaving a burial shroud for Laerties, Odysseus’ father. Each night she undoes that day’s work.

  12. Polyphemus • Cyclops • Son of Poseidon • Eats Odysseus’ men. • Is blinded by Odysseus • Prays to his father, the god of the sea, to make Odysseus’ journey home difficult

  13. Scylla • 6 headed monster • Across the straight from the Charybdis. • Will eat a man for each head when a ship passes.

  14. Sirens • Sea Nymphs • Lure in sailors with their singing, causing them to smash into the rocks • Odysseus covers the ears of his men with wax and commands them to keep rowing

  15. Telemachus • Son of Odysseus • Tries to get rid of the suitors • Goes on a voyage to find out if his father is still alive • Helps his father destroy the suitors

  16. Tiresias • Blind prophet • In the Underworld • Odysseus has to ask him for information before he can return home • Warns Odysseus not to eat the cattle of Helios

  17. Important Places

  18. Aeaea • Home of Circe • Odysseus’ men are turned to pigs • Odysseus and his men spend about a year here

  19. Aeolus • Home of the God of the Wind • Odysseus is given a bag of all winds except for the West Wind • Bag is opened and they are blown back off course, back to this island

  20. Ithaca • Odysseus’ homeland • The destination he is trying to reach • Small island off of Greece

  21. Land of the Cyclops • Where Odysseus and his men meet Polyphemus

  22. Land of the Dead • Hades • The Underworld • Odysseus journeys here to find Tiresias • Also meets his mother and one of his men, as well as many other Greek heroes/characters

  23. Land of the Lotus Eaters • Island full of peaceful people who eat the flower of the lotus plant • The plant makes you lose all desire except for staying on the island and eating the lotus • Three of Odysseus’ men eat the plant which causes him to pack them up and make his men leave the island

  24. Ogygia • The island where Calypso lives • Odysseus is held captive here for seven years

  25. Troy • An island across the Mediterranean from Greece. • War was waged between Troy and Greece lasting 10 years. • Odysseus is instrumental in them winning the war because of his idea for the Trojan Horse

  26. Things to Know

  27. Things to Know • How does Athena help Odysseus through this story? Be able to name multiple times. • How does Odysseus show his intelligence during this story. Be able to name multiple times. • Be able to name multiple times that Odysseus’ men show that they are unintelligent

  28. Things to Know • What does Odysseus disguise himself as upon returning home and who helps him? • How Odysseus deals with the suitors living in his home. • The Olive Tree in book 23.