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The Odyssey PowerPoint Presentation
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The Odyssey

The Odyssey

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The Odyssey

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  1. The Odyssey Book 5

  2. Athena Helps • Athena begs Zeus to let Odysseus free • Zeus agrees • Zeus tell Hermes to tell Kalypso to set Odysseus free and aid him in building a raft • Kalypso must free Odysseus or Zeus will make her pay

  3. Kalypso Tries to Influence Odysseus • She asks him why he wishes to return • Is she less desirable, less beautiful, less interesting than Odysseus’s Penelope? • Odysseus knows this may be true, but remains loyal to his family, and five days later, after building his raft with the aid of Kalypso, he sets sail with his hand-made raft • Before Odysseus leaves, Kalypso tries to warn him about unpredictable weather and happenings while so vulnerable on a small raft

  4. Poseidon Catches Odysseus • While Odysseus is sailing, Poseidon sees him, and creates hurricane-like waves and storms, coming from all directions, suddenly changing directions over and over again • Odysseus fears for his life • Ino, being the protectress of sailors, advizes Odysseus to jump off the raft in Poseidon’s rage, and swim for it to the Island he sees ahead, Skheria

  5. Conspiracy? • Odysseus thinks to himself that Ino might be trying to trick him into giving himself up to Poseidon • Poseidon then sends a huge wave and it destroys the raft • Odysseus wraps Ino’s veil around his chest and is protected from any harm • Odysseus ditches the raft and tries to swim for Skheria

  6. Land, Ho! • Odysseus swam, or practically drifted for 2 nights and two days • Just as he is about to walk onto land, he finds that there are many obstacles between him and the land • Odysseus finds a river mouth and swims there, but the current is pushing pretty strong against him • He prays to the river god, asking for mercy, and it works

  7. Book 5 Complete • Odysseus lays on the shore, breathless and deathly tired • He followed Ino’s instructions and tossed the veil back into the sea, and Ino’s hands took it back • Odysseus believes that he may become “easy prey” for the island’s animals • So, he lays on a bed of leaves, then covers himself with leaves to camouflage with the nature • Athena showers sleep onto Odysseus and closes his eyes, to soon remove his distress