how to get window 8 explorer ribbon in windows7 lab activity week 14 cs 101 section1 l.
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Window 8 Explorer

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My name is Borisa Theng. I'm from Zaman University./nThere're some guideline of how to get window8 explorer ribbon in window7 in my power point presentation. CS101 Assignment: Zaman University Phnom Penh Cambodia

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Window 8 Explorer

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how to get window 8 explorer ribbon in windows7 lab activity week 14 cs 101 section1

Borisa Theng

How to get window 8 explorer ribbon in Windows7?

Lab Activity week 14

Cs 101 Section1


Window Explorer

  • You either love the new explorer ribbon in Windows 8, or you hate it. For those of you that like it but aren’t quite ready to install it, here’s how to get a replica of it in Windows 7.

Note: The program is still in its alpha stage of development and there are a lot of bugs, continue at your own risk


Better Explorer

  • Head over to Codeplex and download a free copy of Better Explorer.


The installation is easy and requires is of the next, next, finish kind. Better Explorer does not replace the Windows explorer but rather adds itself as an additional program

. To make it more easily accessible unpin the normal Windows explorer from the taskbar.


Pin to Taskbar

  • Now pin Better Explorer and move it to where the old explorer use to be.

Accessing to Better


Now you have easy access to Better Explorer.

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